UK Reporter Pushes the Buttons of Marjorie Taylor Green During Trump Campaign

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s tense interview with UK journalist Emily Maitlis offers a revealing glimpse into the complexities of modern politics, conspiracy theories, and media scrutiny. Here’s the full story.

No Filter

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Right-wing politician Marjorie Taylor Greene is never one to hold back on saying what she thinks. Her run-in with a UK reporter was no different. 

“Little Riot”

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The controversial figure in American politics has made some strange statements in her time in office, whether it’s calling the failed insurrection on January 6th a “little riot,” questioning 9/11 ‘s existence or making statements about how straight people will cease to exist in the future. 

Down the Rabbit Hole

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Back in the UK, our politics are slowly sliding down the rabbit hole, but we can all pat ourselves on the back that we haven’t quite reached the new lows that American political figures have reached. 

Sparks Fly

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Sparks soon flew when a seasoned political reporter from the UK met the world in which right-wing agitators like Greene existed. 

Bizarre Statements

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Greene was interviewed by UK journalist Emily Maitlis, who scrutinized Greene over her bizarre past statements. 

Sharp Exchanges

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The encounter, marked by sharp exchanges and less-than-nimble evasions by Greene, shed a disturbing light on Greene’s stance on conspiracy theories and her undying loyalty to former President and legal defendant Donald Trump, currently on trial for 91 felony counts in two states. 

Super Tuesday

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The exchange occurred at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Super Tuesday celebration after Trump had won in states as varied as California, Alabama, and Colorado. 

Nikki Hayley

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The exchange started off relatively urbane, with Maitlis asking Greene about Nikki Hayley’s decision to stay in the Republican race despite her poor showing throughout.

“Drop Out”

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Green replied, “Well, we’ve been encouraging her to drop out and support President Trump and I think tonight is the clear message that President Trump is the clear frontrunner. He’s the winner in our Republican primary and it’s time for Nikki Haley to drop out and support him.”

Vice-Presidential Pick

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Greene was then asked if she was a possible Vice-Presidential candidate that Trump might pick, which she had claimed in interviews with news agencies like The Guardian, to which she replied: “That’s the question everyone asked, and no, I don’t think Nikki Haley should be on the list. But of course, President Trump will choose who he wants for VP.

“I Serve President Trump”

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She continued: “He’s got a long list. I serve President Trump in any way he’d ask me, but I can assure you it won’t be Nikki Haley.”

Conspiracy Theories

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However, things took a turn for the worse when Maitlis mentioned the theories that Greene and fellow Trump supporters support despite the profound lack of any evidence. 

Simple Questions

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Maitlis asked Greene, “Could you tell me why so many people who support Donald Trump love conspiracy theories, including yourself?”

“You’re a Conspiracy Theorist”

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In a decidedly prickly response, which was a sign of things to come, Greene replied, “Well, let me tell you, you’re a conspiracy theorist, and the left and the media spreads more conspiracy theories. We like the truth. We like supporting our constitution, our freedoms, and America first.”

Turning Up The Heat

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Maitlis then decided to turn up the heat a little, with explosive results. She asked Greene about possibly the most infamous incident involving Greene’s strange outbursts, in which she blamed wildfires on “Jewish space lasers.”

“Jewish Space Lasers”

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“What about Jewish space lasers? Tell us about Jewish space lasers,” Maitlis asked.

Losing Her Cool

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It was here that Greene really lost her cool, replying to the question with a simple, curt “No.” 

“How About That?”

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However, Greene didn’t stop there, as she continued: “Why don’t you go talk about Jewish space lasers and really, why don’t you **** off? How about that?”

“Thank You”

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In a typical display of British manners and politeness in the face of an unexpected outburst from a sitting US senator, Maitlis replied simply, “Thank you very much.”

Easier Questions

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Greene then stormed off to answer questions from other reporters. 

Seasoned Reporter

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Greene, no doubt unaware of Maitlis’ identity, would have done well to consider that Maitlis is a seasoned reporter and interviewer. 

Ruffling Feathers

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Previously a BBC senior journalist and now one of the hosts of the News Agents podcast, Maitlis has a history of ruffling feathers with her precise questioning. 

Prince Andrew

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Famously, she interviewed Prince Andrew over his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, giving the flustered royal just enough rope to hang himself in an interview that will go down in the annals of journalism as one of the worst catastrophes ever caught on camera. 

“Fake News”

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The confrontation between Greene and Maitlis highlights the broader challenges of reporting the news in a world where even sitting US senators have their own news sources, which they believe, considering all others to be “fake news.”

Fringe Beliefs

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The rampant propagation of fringe beliefs, the polarization of political discourse, and the willful spreading of conspiracy theories make reporters’ work ever more complicated and, occasionally, dangerous. 

Small Hope

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However, with sharp reporters such as Emily Maitlis, ever ready with a cutting question or stinging rebuke, we can all hold out a small hope for the future of journalism.

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