New House Speaker’s Abortion Remarks Stir National Debate

The new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, wrote an article that has resurfaced in which he compared abortion to the holocaust. Here’s the full story. 

Godwin’s Law

Newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson, who recently took up the role following former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s removal, has faced criticism for comments he made in a 2005 op-ed.

In this piece, he made comparisons between the judicial philosophy that legalized abortion and Hitler’s actions, referring to abortion as a “holocaust.” 

In the op-ed, Johnson expressed his views in response to the case of Terri Schiavo, a Florida woman who remained in a vegetative state and was at the center of a lengthy legal battle.

He argued that the prevailing judicial philosophy allowing abortion shared similarities with Hitler’s ideology, as both devalued the lives of certain individuals for the sake of convenience or cost to society. 


He also referred to abortion as a “holocaust” and criticized the courts for perpetuating this disregard for life.

Johnson’s op-ed also expressed his concerns about the termination of unborn children and likened it to a daily tragedy since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. 

At the time of writing the op-ed, Johnson was associated with the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative Christian advocacy group that opposes abortion and supports efforts to overturn pro-LGBTQ laws. 

Notably, the Alliance Defending Freedom, as it is known today, is currently involved in legal proceedings challenging the availability of the abortion pill mifepristone across the nation. 

No Comment

Despite the release of this old op-ed, Johnson has not provided any immediate comments in response to the criticism. 

The op-ed was brought to light by the progressive watchdog group Documented and subsequently shared with CBS News.

A spokesperson for the Shreveport Times, where the op-ed was originally published, has confirmed its authenticity. 

His rapid rise to the position of House Speaker, emerging as the consensus candidate after weeks of Republican debate, has drawn attention to his conservative stance on these issues.

While Johnson has consistently voiced his opposition to abortion rights, the language and analogies used in his 2005 op-ed have drawn criticism from Democrats and advocacy groups. 

Terri Schiavo

In the op-ed, he linked the death of Terri Schiavo, who had been in a persistent vegetative state, to the abortion debate.

Schiavo’s case involved a contentious legal and medical battle, with her husband seeking to remove her feeding tube and her parents advocating for her continued care.  A judge eventually allowed the removal of Schiavo’s feeding tube, leading to her passing 13 days later. 

Hannah Muldavin, a communications adviser for the Congressional Integrity Project, an organization associated with high-level Democratic strategists, condemned Johnson’s comparison of abortion to the Holocaust, stating “Comparing abortion to the Holocaust is reprehensible and an insult to women across the country.” 

She also characterized Johnson’s views as extreme and out of touch with the country and expressed concerns that his election as House Speaker could pose a threat to democracy and American rights. 

“Nationwide Abortion Ban”

In the lead-up to the 2024 elections, Democrats are expected to focus on the issue of abortion rights as they seek to regain the majority in the House.

Representative Pete Aguilar, a Democrat from California, emphasized that Republicans aim to “enact a nationwide abortion ban without exceptions.”

Johnson has previously spoken about his opposition to abortion rights and celebrated the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade in a 2022 appearance on Fox News, asserting that the Constitution does not grant a right to abortion and welcoming the decision.

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

The news led to an outcry online, with many commenters speaking out against the new Speaker.

One poster commented, “The Holocaust was the murder of millions of humans, abortion is the medical removal of a clump of cells.”

Another posted “Those with beliefs like that have zero business prying themselves into exam rooms and dictating what healthcare decisions can and cannot be made.”

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