Sheriff’s Unconventional Approach to Gender Identity Mandates Sparks Debate Amid Teacher Shortage

A New York sheriff has caused outrage by claiming that he would lock up school teachers who affirm their students’ gender identity. Here’s the full story. 

Lock Up Teachers

A recently surfaced video reveals a New York law enforcement officer, Sheriff Mike Carpinelli, expressing his intent to arrest teachers who affirm gender identity, despite their obligation under state law. 

Carpinelli, who is reportedly affiliated with the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, a group that believes sheriffs are not bound by state or federal laws, shared his views during a Facebook live broadcast called “Save NY.” 

Carpinelli stated, “This is what I plan on doing. If any parent goes to school, they find out that the administration is pushing this pedophile, this anti-gender crap…we’ll take a formal complaint from you.

We’ll arrest that school teacher. We’ll arrest that superintendent.” 

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, led by former Arizona sheriff Richard Mack, advocates that county sheriffs hold the highest authority within their districts and are not obligated to follow federal or state laws they deem unconstitutional. 

Shot to Fame

Mack’s fame grew after successfully challenging gun control laws in the Supreme Court, and the organization has gained approval to conduct training sessions in Montana and Texas. 

In Lewis County, where Carpinelli serves, he has gained popularity among followers of the group.

According to his interviewer on “Save New York,” Charles deFrank, Carpinelli is admired for being there for the people. “Everyone here loves Sheriff Carpanelli,” he said.

However, outside of Lewis County, Carpinelli’s beliefs have sparked concerns.

Professor Joe Henderson of Paul Smith’s College expressed his worries, saying, “It’s this kind of belief that you should be deferential to certain kinds of authority, and anybody who deviates from that authority needs to be punished.” 

Tinfoil Hat Time

Carpinelli is one of eight constitutional sheriffs in New York and one of many across the nation who share similar views.

In his video, Carpinelli also criticized libraries that host Drag Story hours as part of what he called an “anti-gender” movement using “mind control” on children.

He urged viewers to stand up for their children against these practices. 

Carpinelli clarified that he couldn’t directly arrest individuals, but he encouraged parents who wanted to target teachers in his county to involve the media.

He stated, “Let the media know afterward. I don’t have to, the parents can.” 

Safe Haven

New York, in July, passed legislation that designates the state as a “safe haven” for transgender children, at a time when “Don’t Say Gay” laws were being implemented in conservative states.

In 2019, the state amended its Human Rights Law to protect gender identity and expression in various aspects of life, including work, home, public spaces, and schools. 

Research conducted by The Trevor Project, an advocacy group, has shown that two-thirds of LGBTQ young people are four times more likely to attempt suicide when exposed to “Don’t Say Gay” school policies, which have a profound and detrimental impact on their mental health.

Moreover, Wesleyan government professor John Finn pointed out that the injection of religious beliefs into county law by the sheriff could have negative consequences for all residents of Lewis County. 

“God’s Plan”

Finn said, “It means the local county sheriff is the ultimate bulwark against people messing around with God’s work.

It allows them to imagine themselves as the great defenders of God’s plan for America.” 

The video featuring Sheriff Mike Carpinelli has raised concerns online about his intentions to arrest teachers who affirm gender identity, in defiance of New York state law.

One user posted “This should help the teacher shortage.” Another said simply “Abusers of power & people.”

However, one poster found some good news for the people in Sheriff Mike Carpinelli’s district “I almost want to move to this guy’s area because the lawsuit settlement will be quite LARGE.”

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