Nigel Farage Doubles Down on His Support of Misogynist Influencer Andrew Tate

Nigel Farage’s latest remarks have aligned him with controversial misogynist influencer Andrew Tate, sparking intense debate over societal norms and young men’s roles. Here’s the full story.

Farage Doubles Down

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Nigel Farage recently doubled down on his recent comments about misogynist influencer Andrew Tate. Farage’s remarks, made on the final day of campaigning during the UK’s general election, drew a parallel between Tate and Farage’s influences on young men.

Tate’s Controversial Influence

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Tate, an online misogynist who worried educational experts and women’s groups by amassing a substantial online following of impressionable young men, is currently facing several severe criminal charges in Romania, ranging from human trafficking to rape.

“Push Against Young Men”

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Farage’s comments and actions have sparked widespread controversy after he claimed that a societal push against young men being themselves has led to Tate’s and his popularity.

Emasculation of Young Men

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During a campaign stop at a boxing gym in Clacton, Farage spoke about the perceived emasculation of young men in society. Speaking to a crowd of his supporters, Farage stated, “Look at the football. You know, they’re told: Go to Germany. Please don’t drink more than two pints of beer. You what? Don’t chant at the football matches. You what? Oh, and don’t tell jokes that might offend the Germans. I mean, come on.”

Young Men Being Young Men

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He added, “We are trying to stop young men being young men.”

Comparing Himself to Tate

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Farage drew a direct comparison between himself and Tate, who often bragged about how his money and fame allowed him to control women and who is widely blamed for a recent surge in misogyny, particularly among the young men who idolised the online misogynist.

Tate’s Criminal Charges

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Tate, currently facing charges of human trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal gang to exploit women, has denied all accusations.

Campaigning With Chisora

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Farage added insult to injury by campaigning alongside Derek Chisora, a boxer and Reform UK supporter with a criminal past. Chisora, found guilty of assaulting his then-girlfriend in 2010, participated in a theatrical photoshoot with Farage at the gym.

Chisora as Role Model

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Farage defended Chisora as a role model despite his past, stating, “You show me someone who has lived a perfect life and never been in trouble. For these young kids he’s a fantastic role model. He’s got a huge following in the country. And yeah, he is a good role model. Imperfect as we all are.”

Chisora’s Regret

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Chisora, who appeared alongside Farage in a boxing robe with “Nigel’s Security” emblazoned on the back, expressed regret for his past actions and identified as a born-again Christian.

Focus on Immigration

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Unsurprisingly, Farage’s campaign in Clacton focused heavily on immigration, the issue that Farage has made the rallying of his entire political career.

Military-Style Arrival

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Arriving at the rally in a military-style vehicle, Farage was greeted by chants of “we want our country back.”

Anti-Woke Culture

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The rally emphasised Farage’s stance against “woke culture” and the perceived decline in British societal standards. In what has become a recurring theme of Farage’s political speeches, he also drew a direct line between local issues, such as the constituency’s lack of dentists and immigration.

“Come by Dinghy”

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Farage stated, “How are you getting on for dentists in Clacton?” he asked. “Well, then you should have come by dinghy.”

Resonating Message

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Though many might find it easy to write off Farage as an overblown buffoon with an outsized sense of his own importance, polls indicate that Farage’s message resonates with a significant portion of young men.

35% Support Reform UK

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A JL Partners survey found that 35% of young men aged 16-17 support Reform UK, matching Labour’s support in this demographic.

Broader Appeal

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This broader appeal to young men who feel disillusioned with traditional political narratives and are drawn to Farage’s unfiltered rhetoric appears to work for Farage, who has a substantial following on social media apps like TikTok.

Party Defections

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Despite the support among young men, Reform UK faces many problems common to far-right parties throughout Europe. Recently, two candidates defected to the Conservatives, citing widespread racism and sexism within the party.

Internal Criticisms

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Georgie David, a former candidate for West Ham and Beckton, described the majority of Reform UK candidates as “racist, misogynistic, and bigoted.” Similarly, Liam Booth-Isherwood, who was Reform UK’s candidate for Erewash, blamed his exit from the party on “reports of widespread racism and sexism in Reform.”

“Professionalising the Party”

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Farage acknowledged these issues, attributing them to the party’s rapid growth and the recruitment of candidates online, and promised to “professionalising the party.” However, those hoping this would happen sooner rather than later must wait until after the election.

Controversial Support

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Farage’s outspoken support for Andrew Tate and his contentious comments on masculinity and societal norms have made him a political pariah for many in the country. However, despite this, his appeal to young men, coupled with his hardline stances on immigration and anti-woke culture, continues to garner support.

Future of Reform UK

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It remains to be seen what Farage’s controversial statements will mean for the future of Reform UK.

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