Backlash Continues After Nike’s New-Look St George Released

The Prime Minister has commented on Nike and the FA’s decision to change the St George’s Cross on England kits for the Euros 2024 tournament.

Prime Minister’s Critique

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has become the latest politician to speak out against the Football Association (FA) and Nike’s decision to change the England flag for the new kit.

Nike Announces Controversial Kits

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Nike announced the new design of several nations’ kits ahead of the Euro 2024 tournament this Summer, with England’s kit being the centre of controversy.

Politicians Speak Out Against FA

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Many politicians, including Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and Reform UK MP Lee Anderson, have already spoken out against the FA, with Sunak now added to the growing list.

Sunak “Prefers” Original Design

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that he “prefers the original” St George’s Cross, echoing critics who argue the flag does not need to be changed.

Don’t Mess With National Flags

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Sunak told reporters that he believes national flags should not be “messed with” as Nike unveil their redesign of the St George’s Cross.

“Playful” Take on National Symbol

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Nike’s redesign has been described as a “playful” take on the original red cross with a white background, changing it to a multi-coloured cross that some say looks nothing like the original.

Sunak Slams “Unite and Inspire”

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Sunak slammed Nike and the FA’s decision to change the flag for reasons that Nike has announced were to “unite and inspire” people across the country.

Sunak’s Comments Against New Design

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Sunak insisted that “When it comes to our national flags, we shouldn’t mess with them,” before stressing the importance of flags to national pride.

National Flags a “Source of Pride”

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The Prime Minister went on to argue that the St George’s Cross is “a source of pride, identity, who we are,” insisting it is “perfect” the way it is.

Opposition From Culture Secretary

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Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer echoed Sunak’s sentiment, condemning the change to the kit as “pointless and unnecessary,” accusing Nike and FA of dividing fans based on “national heritage.”

Fans Not Coming First

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According to Frazer, “Fans should always come first, and it’s clear that this is not what fans want,” arguing that “Our national heritage – including St George’s Cross – brings us together.”

“Woke Nonsense”

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Lee Anderson of Reform UK called the decision to change the flag “Namby-pamby, pearl-clutching woke nonsense,” labelling it “Virtue signalling.”

Labour Leader Speaks Out

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has pushed Nike to reconsider the idea, although the first wave of shirts have already sold out. 

“We Need to Be Proud of It”

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Starmer argued “We just need to be proud of it. So I think they should just reconsider this and change it back,” suggesting that Nike couldn’t even give a reason as to why they changed it.

Former Players Speak Out

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It’s not just the public and politicians who have openly condemned Nike and the FA’s decision, with multiple former players speaking out against the decision.

New Design Is Unrecognisable

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Former England and West Ham defender Stuart Pearce argued that he “didn’t even realise it was supposed to be the England flag” arguing it looks nothing like the original.

Three Lions or Three Cats?

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Former England and Arsenal goalkeeper asked “What’s next?” before joking “Will they change the three lions to the three cats?”

Shocking Price Tag Stuns Ex-Players

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Other players are less concerned with Nike’s decision to change the flag and more concerned with the £125 price tag for adult and junior shirts.

Outrageous Pricing

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Former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton posted on social media “I’m totally against this on all levels” before revealing “The price is outrageous the design is not.”

Pressure Mounts on Nike

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With the Prime Minister and the Labour leader calling for a redesign of the shirt, the pressure is mounting on the FA and Nike.

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