Strange Awakening: English Woman Wakes Up With a Welsh Accent Despite Never Visiting Wales

Zoe Coles has embarked on a strange journey through life as a sufferer of Foreign Accent Syndrome, unexpectedly waking up with a Welsh accent despite never setting foot in Wales. Here’s the full story. 

Funny Turns

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Life has a way of taking funny turns sometimes. Sudden career changes brought on by a malaise in your current job, a distinct fashion upgrade spurred on by a TikTok video, or the ritual of cutting off or growing out your hair after a breakup can all upend our lives in curious ways. 

Welsh Accent

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However, all of these events pale compared to the peculiar case of Zoe Coles, a 36-year-old English woman living in Stamford, Lincs, who woke up one morning in June 2023 to find she was now the mystified owner of a Welsh accent.

Never Visited

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Despite never visiting the country, Coles now speaks in a delightfully melodic Welsh accent. 

Passing Quirk

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Initially dismissing the sudden change as a passing quirk, Zoe had hoped her accent would eventually revert to her normal one. 

Off Guard

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Zoe’s transformation from her native English accent to a Welsh one unfolded overnight, catching her entirely off guard. 

Days to Months

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However, as days turned into weeks and months, her Welsh intonation persisted, causing confusion among new people she met who mistakenly believed her to have been born in Cardiff. 

“Taken Away From Me”

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The change has left a profound mark on Zoe, who stated, “I am struggling a lot; you are born with a voice; you grow up and develop a way of speaking. That has been taken away from me.”

No Party Tricks

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Before this bizarre linguistic shift, Zoe had never shown herself to be a gifted impersonator, had never been able to do a Welsh accent as a party trick, and couldn’t even roll her R’s, an essential part of the Welsh language.

“I Don’t Belong”

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Consequently, the sudden alteration in her speech has left her feeling displaced and uncertain about her sense of belonging. Zoe lamented, “I feel nervous about going out because my new voice makes me feel like I don’t belong anymore.”

Restore Normality

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After enduring nine months with her newfound accent, Zoe longs to reclaim her former way of speaking and restore normalcy to her life. 

“A Confidence Boost”

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Despite acknowledging that the Welsh accent has a few minor advantages, Zoe stated, “Even though it has given me a confidence boost, I would love everything to go away and life to go back to normal.”

Black Magic

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Zoe’s strange case is not caused by a deal gone wrong with an underwater witch, like Ursula in The Little Mermaid. 

Functional Neurological Disorder

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Zoe’s change of accent is tied to the complexities of a little-known condition called Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), which disrupts the brain’s ability to send and receive messages effectively. 

Speech Impediment

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Diagnosed with FND in January 2022, Zoe contends with various symptoms ranging from cramps and memory lapses to speech impediments and leg pain. 

Significant Impact

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These challenges significantly impact her daily life, impeding activities she once performed effortlessly.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

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The sudden emergence of Zoe’s Welsh accent can be attributed to Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS), a rare condition characterized by a person adopting a foreign-sounding accent without any prior exposure to that accent.

Neurological Disorders

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Zoe’s experience with FAS underscores the enigmatic nature of neurological disorders and highlights the profound impact they can have on an individual’s identity.

Reverting Back

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Remarkably, Zoe’s accent fluctuations correlate with the severity of her FND symptoms. During periods of heightened distress or physical impairment, Zoe’s speech reverts to its original English form, only to resume its Welsh inflection when she experiences periods of stability. 

“I Have No Idea Why”

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Zoe stated, “Some days I will go natural, and I am fine. When I am having a bad flare-up and I can’t walk, my old accent will return to English. I have no idea why; because it is so rare, not much is known about it.”

“I’ve Never Been”

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Zoe’s convincing Welsh accent leads to awkward encounters. She recalls incidents where “I have come across a few Welsh people who asked me where I am from. That is really difficult. I don’t want to lie and say I am from somewhere in Wales. I have no clue about Wales; I have never been.”

Raising Awareness

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Despite the challenges posed by her condition, Zoe wishes to raise awareness of FAS and FND by speaking out in her new Welsh accent. 

“This is Real Life”

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Zoe explained, “I want to raise awareness and show that this is real life. I am speaking out because I want people to see that these things really do happen. This is a reality for me, as much as I don’t like it. I love the accent, and I have adapted to it.”

Debunk Misconceptions

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By sharing her story, Zoe hopes to debunk misconceptions surrounding these conditions and foster greater societal understanding and empathy. 

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