No Tory MPs In Inner London For First Time In History, But Labour Not Partying

There will be no Tory MPs in inner London for the first time in British electoral history, but there are still thorns in Labour’s side.

Terrible Night For Tories

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After a tumultuous election night for the Tories, one significant milestone has been reached in the capital city of London.

Conservative MPs Cast Aside

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The scarcity of Conservative MPs will be felt across the UK after a landslide Labour victory, but the capital city will bear the brunt of this for the very first time.

Milestone For London MPs

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For the first time in British electoral history, no Tory MPs were voted in inside inner London, showing the devastating effect that the Party had on the country.

Losing Out on London

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The Conservatives lost all its seats in inner London, including the constituencies of Chelsea and Fulham, Kensington and Bayswater and Buckingham Palace.

Labour Dominates London

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Labour MP Ben Coleman defeated Greg Hands to win in Chelsea and Fulham, a notorious Tory stronghold.

“The Whole Country Needs Change”

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Coleman will be the first-ever Labour MP for Chelsea and Fulham, insisting that “the whole country needs change,” not just London.

Labour Wins Kensington and Bayswater

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Labour also won the new constituency of Kensington and Bayswater, as Labour MP Joe Powell defeated Conservative MP Felicity Buchan.

Major Milestone for London

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These defeats mean that, for the first time ever, there will be no Conservative MPs representing the area of inner London, but not all was well for Labour.

Labour’s Success in London

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For Labour, this was the most successful London election in its history, winning 59 seats across the capital, but there were several annoyances that none can deny.

Regretting One Constituency

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Despite Labour’s landslide victory, there was one constituency in inner London that the Party will be regretting.

Former Labour Leader Retains Seat

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The constituency of Islington North was retained by disgraced former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who Labour will regret losing out to.

Sadiq Khan’s Take on Corbyn

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Mayor of London and Labour member Sadiq Khan admitted live on BBC News that the residents of Islington North were “rewarding” Corbyn for his long service.

Jeremy Corbyn Ousted

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Corbyn was ousted as Labour leader in favour of Sir Keir Starmer, the new Prime Minister, after allegations of anti-semitism.

Corbyn’s Political Comeback

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For the last few years, Corybn has been under investigation for his alleged anti-Semitic stance, although he has now made a political comeback.

Corbyn Running as Independent

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Corbyn ran as an independent candidate for Islington North after being removed from the Labour Party and not allowed back by Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer.

Lib Dems Succeed in London

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Another annoyance for Labour in London is the amount of Liberal Democrat seats won, which is a massive positive for Sir Ed Davies’ Party.

Public Rejects Tories

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Liberal Democrats won a total of six seats in London, showing the public’s rejection of the Tory Party.

Davies’ Unconventional Campaign

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Ed Davies’ campaign for Liberal Democrats was unconventional, doing stunts such as bungee jumping while shouting “vote Liberal Democrats”.

Big Names Voted Out

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Most Tory MPs that have been household names for the last 14 years were elected out, including Jacob Rees-Mogg and Liz Truss.

Labour’s London Dominance

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Moving forward, London will now have a large Labour dominance combined with the previous victory of Labour’s London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

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