Just Stop Oil: 21 Times They Went Too Far

Ever felt like every time you turn on the news, there’s another headline about Just Stop Oil pulling a stunt? Whether you sympathize with their environmental mission or not, you’ve got to wonder: are these disruptions just a nuisance, or are they sparking the right kind of conversations?

1. Stonehenge Spray-Painted

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Just Stop Oil activists sprayed Stonehenge with orange powder paint, an act condemned by both Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as a disgraceful vandalism of one of the world’s oldest and most important monuments.

2. Magna Carta Display Case Smashed

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In a dramatic protest, activists used a hammer to smash the glass case protecting the Magna Carta at the British Library, leading to their arrest and widespread criticism for targeting such a historically significant artifact.

3. Blocking the M25

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The group significantly disrupted traffic by blocking the M25, one of the UK’s busiest motorways, which caused widespread commuter chaos.

4. Disrupting the BBC Proms

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Activists disrupted the opening night of the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, using air horns and confetti cannons, which led to a strong backlash from both the audience and public figures.

5. Wimbledon Disruption

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A match at the Wimbledon tennis championships was halted when activists glued themselves to the court, causing a delay and frustrating fans and players alike.

6. Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ Targeted

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Leanne Chan

Tomato soup was thrown over Vincent Van Gogh’s famous ‘Sunflowers’ painting at the National Gallery, endangering the artwork and shocking onlookers.

7. Invading the Stansted Airfield

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Thaspol Sangsee

Activists broke into the private airfield at Stansted Airport, spraying orange paint on jets and demanding an end to UK fossil fuel projects, which led to arrests for criminal damage.

8. ‘Les Miserables’ Performance Interrupted

Image Credit: Shutterstock / aerogondo2

A live performance of ‘Les Miserables’ was interrupted when activists stormed the stage, leading to significant disruptions of the show.

9. Dartford Crossing Blockade

Image Credit: Shutterstock / ChiccoDodiFC

The Dartford Crossing was blocked, heavily impacting traffic and drawing criticism for the disruption caused to thousands of commuters.

10. Snooker World Championship Sabotage

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Jacob Lund

During the World Snooker Championship, protesters dumped orange powder on the tables, halting play and damaging the equipment​.

11. Manchester Art Gallery Protest

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Monkey Business Images

Activists glued themselves to John Singer Sargent’s painting ‘Gassed’ in Manchester Art Gallery as part of a protest against fossil fuels.

12. The Royal Opera House Scene

Image Credit: Shutterstock / posztos

A performance at the Royal Opera House was disrupted when protesters took to the stage, causing a scene and delaying the opera​.

13. Velázquez’s ‘Rokeby Venus’ Attacked

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Tero Vesalainen

The protective glass of Diego Velázquez’s ‘Rokeby Venus’ was smashed during a protest at the National Gallery, risking permanent damage to the valuable painting.

14. British Museum Sit-In

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Claudio Divizia

A prolonged sit-in at the British Museum was staged, blocking entrances and causing operational disruptions for several hours.

15. Trafalgar Square Lockdown

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Sandor Szmutko

Activists chained themselves to the lion statues in Trafalgar Square, causing a temporary lockdown of this major tourist and traffic hub​.

16. HS2 Railway Line Blockade

Image Credit: Shutterstock / JessicaGirvan

Protests on the HS2 railway line included activists chaining themselves to construction machinery, causing delays in the project​.

17. Heathrow Airport Flash Mob

Image Credit: Shutterstock / 1000 Words

A flash mob was organized at Heathrow Airport, leading to brief but intense disruption of airport operations​.

18. Blocking Access to Parliament

Image Credit: Shutterstock / IR Stone

Access to the Houses of Parliament was blocked during a demonstration, affecting the movement of MPs and staff​.

19. Oil Tanker Climbing Incident

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Believeme

Activists climbed oil tankers, leading to a dangerous situation and a heavy police response to prevent potential accidents.

20. Fossil Fuel Exhibition Glue-In

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Multishooter

Protesters glued themselves to exhibits at a fossil fuel exhibition, creating a spectacle and necessitating intervention by emergency services.

21. Major London Bridge Seized

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Pajor Pawel

A major protest involved seizing control of a significant London bridge, effectively halting traffic and drawing a large police presence to manage the situation​.

Conclusion: Crossing the Line?

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Jacob Lund

While Just Stop Oil aims to highlight the urgency of climate change, their methods have often crossed the line into illegal activity, risking public safety and damaging invaluable cultural heritage. Their actions have sparked a complex debate about the balance between protest and protection.

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