21 Infuriating Things That Should Be Illegal in the UK

You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it—we all know there are things out there that simply should not fly in today’s society. Let’s talk about 21 things that absolutely should be illegal in the UK, for the sake of the environment, public health, and basic decency.

1. Single-Use Plastics

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Why are we still drowning in plastic wrappers that last forever? Banning single-use plastics is a no-brainer to cut down waste and push for greener alternatives.

2. Excessive Food Waste by Supermarkets

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It’s outrageous that supermarkets toss out perfectly good food. Laws should compel them to donate this food instead of adding to our overflowing landfills.

3. Unsolicited Mail

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Got junk mail? You and me both. It’s time to make sending unsolicited mail illegal and save a few trees while we’re at it.

4. Microbeads in Cosmetics

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Microbeads might make your skin feel smooth, but they wreak havoc on marine life. Banning them outright would protect our oceans from further harm.

5. Overpackaging of Products

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Ever opened a box only to find another box? Overpackaging is wasteful and unnecessary. Minimal packaging requirements would cut down on waste significantly.

6. Sale of Inefficient Appliances

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Selling appliances that guzzle energy should be a thing of the past. Making energy-efficient appliances the standard would help in tackling our energy crisis.

7. Diesel Cars

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Diesel cars are a smog-belching nightmare. Phasing them out to clear the air we breathe is overdue.

8. Non-Biodegradable Wet Wipes

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These wipes clog up our sewers and pollute our rivers. Making them biodegradable or banning them should be mandatory.

9. Public Smoking

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Secondhand smoke kills. Expanding no-smoking zones would protect our health in public spaces.

10. Pavement Parking

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Cars blocking the pavement? It’s unsafe and inconvenient. This practice should definitely be illegal.

11. Harmful Pesticides

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Pesticides that kill our bees and harm wildlife should be nowhere near our farms. Banning these would protect crucial pollinators and our food supply.

12. Loud Fireworks

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Fireworks terrify pets and wildlife and pollute the air. Restricting their use would give us all some peace.

13. Excessive Nighttime Lighting

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Light pollution isn’t just an annoyance; it disrupts ecosystems. Regulating this could help us all see the stars a bit clearer.

14. Sale of Fur and Exotic Animal Skins

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It’s 2024. Selling fur and exotic skins is barbaric and should be stopped immediately.

15. Predatory Loan Interest Rates

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People are drowning in debt due to high-interest loans. Capping these rates would protect the most vulnerable.

16. Obstructive Hedge and Tree Overgrowth

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Overgrown hedges and trees can be a real hazard. Homeowners should be required to keep their greenery in check.

17. Junk Food Advertising Targeting Children

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Advertising junk food to kids is exploitative. It’s time to end it and help fight childhood obesity.

18. Gas-Powered Garden Equipment

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Gas mowers and leaf blowers are noisy and polluting. Electric options are available and should be the only choice.

19. Public Idling

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Leaving cars idling while parked pollutes the air for no good reason. This lazy habit should be banned.

20. Excessive Use of Antibiotics in Farming

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Overuse of antibiotics in animals breeds superbugs. We need strict regulations to stop this practice.

21. Non-Disclosure Agreements in Harassment Cases

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NDAs in harassment cases silence victims and enable perpetrators. Banning these would be a step toward true accountability.

Time for a Change

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Let’s not mince words—these changes aren’t just necessary; they’re overdue. If we want to live in a society that respects the environment, values public health, and upholds ethical standards, making these activities illegal isn’t just advisable, it’s essential. What are we waiting for?

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