Political Barnacle Jeremy Corbyn Wins Again – Pledges to Push Progressive Policies

Jeremy Corbyn’s independent victory in Islington North marks a dramatic turn in British politics as he pledges to champion progressive policies and social justice. Here’s the full story.

Returning as an Independent MP

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Former leader of the Labour Party and lifelong left-wing activist Jeremy Corbyn has once again secured his position as the Member of Parliament for Islington North, a seat he has held since 1983. However, following his expulsion from the party he led for five years, this time, he returned to Parliament as an independent.

A Personal Triumph

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Corbyn’s victory not only marks a personal triumph but also gave many of the UK’s progressive voters hope that he would be able to push for left-wing policies that Labour may be afraid to implement.

Election Results

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Jeremy Corbyn triumphed in the election with 24,120 votes, significantly outpacing the Labour candidate, Praful Nargund, who received 16,873 votes. The election saw a turnout of 67.5%, slightly down from the 71.6% turnout in 2019.

Local Solid Support

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Despite running independently, without the Labour Party’s support, and facing stiff competition from his former party, Corbyn’s campaign proved successful, demonstrating local solid support for his candidacy.

Thanking Voters

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In his victory speech, Corbyn thanked the voters of Islington North who had supported him, stating, “Our campaign was a positive one, it did not get into the gutter of politics. Ours was a positive campaign trying to bring hope to people. Our campaign was utterly determined to bring a degree of unity to it. This result is a resounding message from the people of Islington North that they want something better.”

Dedication to Islington North

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He added, “I owe my life and my learning and my abilities entirely to the people of Islington North. This victory is dedicated entirely to them.”

Progressive Values

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Corbyn’s campaign was deeply rooted in the progressive values he has championed in his adult life. This was made remarkably clear when reporters asked him if Starmer would make a good Prime Minister, to which Corbyn replied, “Well, let’s see what happens.”

Thin Manifesto

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He added, “He will become prime minister, he will have a very large majority in Parliament, he has put forward a manifesto that is thin to put it mildly and doesn’t offer a serious economic alternative to what the Conservative government is doing. And so the demands on him are going to be huge, the demands from the people are going to be huge.”

Advocating for Progress

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Corbyn also reiterated his commitment to advocating for progressive policies and holding the new Labour government accountable. He stated, “If the government ends the two-child benefit cap for example, hallelujah! I will be delighted. But if they don’t, I’ll be there, saying: why haven’t you done it?”

Commitment to Accountability

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He added, “If they bring in rent controls in the private sector, well done. If they don’t, I’ll be there. Because this is a vote to show that people do want a true and independent voice in Parliament to speak up for social justice.”

Grassroots Campaign

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Running without the Labour Party’s support presented significant obstacles. Corbyn had to rely on a grassroots campaign supported by volunteers from across the UK who engaged in door-knocking and local outreach. Despite lacking the traditional party infrastructure and canvassing data, his campaign successfully mobilised supporters and communicated his progressive message.

Disrupting Tradition

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Corbyn’s re-election as an independent disrupts a long-standing tradition of Labour representation in Islington North, dating back to a 1937 by-election.

Expulsion From Labour

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His expulsion from the Labour Party in March 2023 followed a suspension in October 2020, after he described antisemitism in Labour as “dramatically overstated for political reasons,” after which he was blocked from standing for the party.

Future of Labour

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When asked about the future of the Labour Party, Corbyn voiced similar concerns to those raised by many progressives in the UK about the first-past-the-post voting system and called for a vote on electoral reform.

Questioning Voting System

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Corbyn stated, “The Labour Party has won a very large majority but on a considerably lower vote than was achieved in previous elections. I think the figure is likely to be around 37 per cent of the vote, which is not a great figure on which to have a huge parliamentary majority. It does call into question the first past the post system and that no doubt is going to be a debate.”

A Renewed Mandate

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Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in Islington North as an independent MP is not just a personal achievement but an explicit endorsement from the voters in the constituency of his progressive agenda.

Political Change Uncertain

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As Corbyn returns to Parliament, he does so with a renewed mandate to push for a fairer, more inclusive society. However, whether one independent MP, even one with the following Corbyn has, will be able to affect political change remains to be seen.

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