Polls Surge in Reaction to PM Debate: Accusations of Lying Cause Surge in Voter Frustrations

Viewers of the first leaders debate were left frustrated, claiming Rishi Sunak’s lies and rudeness prevented a severe debate. 

Social Media Aftermath Clear

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Following the debate in which Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer clashed over taxes, education, immigration, the NHS, and the economy, people took to social media to voice their frustration. 

Sunak Accused of Being Rude

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The Prime Minister was frequently accused of rudely talking over Keir Starmer and ignoring repeated calls from host Julie Etchingham to give Starmer a chance to speak. 

Etchingham Didn’t Hold Sunak to Account

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During the debate, Julie Etchingham quickly shut down Keir Starmer and enforced a 45-second time limit on answers. Viewers noticed that she frequently allowed Rishi Sunak to go over his allotted time.

Sunak Accused of Lying

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Rishi Sunak frequently accused Labour of planning “£2000 of tax increases”, a claim he said came from Civil Service numbers.

Exact Sunak Claim on Labour Tax Numbers

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The Prime Minister said: “Independent Treasury officials have costed Labour’s policies and they amount to a £2,000 tax rise over four years for every working family”.

Civil Service Distancing Themselves

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James Bowler, the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, said that Sunak’s figures “should not be presented as having been produced by the civil service, ” which means Sunak made up the £2000 tax rise claim. 

Public Response Clear

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60% of people polled said they felt Starmer performed ‘Well’ or ‘Very Well’, as opposed to only 55% of people saying the same about Sunak. 

Trustworthiness Scores Made for Interesting Reading

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When asked who they found trustworthy, 49% of the viewers said they felt Starmer was reliable, as opposed to only 39% saying the same about Rishi Sunak. 

Likeability Slipping Away From Sunak

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During the COVID pandemic, ‘Dishy Rishi’ was arguably the nation’s favourite politician. How times change – only 34% of viewers thought he was likeable, whereas 50% thought Starmer was likeable.

‘In Touch’ Saw Vast Differences

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When asked who they thought was more in touch with ordinary people, 66% thought Starmer was. Contrast this with only 17% for Sunak. 

Key Battlegrounds Saw More Support for Starmer

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On the significant issues facing the electorate, Keir Starmer was the clear winner across all but a couple – tax and immigration. 

Cost of Living

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When quizzed on their responses to the cost of living, 51% thought Starmer had better answers and understanding of the issues. Only 38% thought Sunak was better. 

National Health Service

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When the debate switched to the NHS, the tables turned. With 14 years of slipping NHS performance, Sunak didn’t have much of a record to point at. Viewers agreed, with 61% saying Starmer was more reassuring on the NHS and only 28% thinking Sunak was. 

Schools and Education

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The Tory record on schools is a mixed bag. On many fronts, pupil performance has been good, but funding, teacher numbers, and building states are critically bad. 52% of viewers believed Starmer to be better on schools, and only 31% thought Sunak was better.

Post-Debate Reaction Hurting Sunak

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After the debate, the overwhelming commentary across various channels was how rude Rishi Sunak was. Where Keir Starmer largely obeyed the requests of Etchingham, Sunak repeatedly spoke over her, leaving viewers angry.

The Most Common Emotion Was Frustration

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In the survey after the debate, 62% of viewers said they found it frustrating, with only 42% saying it was exciting and 17% saying it was helpful.

Starmer Accuses Sunak of Lying

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In response to many of the claims made by Sunak about how Labour will govern, Starmer said Sunak was: “desperately lashing out and resorting to lies and he knew he was lying. And I don’t say that lightly”.

Lib Dems Also Critical of Sunak Lies

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Lib Dem Leader Ed Davey said: “It’s a bit rich from the Conservatives given their track record and what’s in their books. They are the tax rising experts. Rishi Sunak knows a lot about tax because he has increased taxes on people more than any prime minister in history.”

Sunak Will Need to Reign in Behaviour to Win Votes

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Given the public reaction to the debates, Sunak will need to take stock and address his approach to public discourse. His lying is challenged, and his ignorance of basic manners isn’t winning any favours.

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