Cocky SNP’s ‘Tory-Free Scotland’ Pledge Could Go Wrong At Election

Members of the SNP are using a slogan that suggests removing every Tory from Scotland in the upcoming general election, arguing they will take over all seven Scottish seats in Parliament.

SNP’s New Movement

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The Scottish National Party (SNP) has issued a bold political message that seeks to remove all Conservative Party members from its borders.

SNP Speaks Out Against Movement

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Some members of the SNP have spoken out against the messaging, revealing they will not be using it in the campaign for the next general election, while others backed it.

Scotland’s Independence Minister’s Defense  

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Jamie Hepburn, Scotland’s independence minister, has come to the defence of the SNP’s “make Scotland Tory free” messaging.

A Message That Resonates

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Hepburn insisted, “I think it’s a very clear and straightforward message” arguing that it reflects the ideas of the Scottish public and that for the Tories “It’s time to go.”

Tories Under Fire for Racism Row

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The Tories have been under stern criticism from the British public and politicians across the country for a number of racism allegations within its ranks.

Economy Reaches Recession

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Racism allegations, coupled with the fact the UK economy recently fell into a recession for the first time in over a decade, are causing people to get upset with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Tory MPs Hit with Allegations

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Former Tory MP Lee Anderson, former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, Tory donor Frank Hester and former Prime Minister Liz Truss have all been under fire for racism allegations.

Anderson’s Suspension 

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Lee Anderson was suspended for similar comments to Braverman, insisting that “Islamists” had taken over London and its Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Hester’s Violent Remarks

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More recently, Tory donor Frank Hester incited violence against Labour’s Diane Abbott, the country’s first black woman to become an MP.

Hester’s Shocking Claim

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Hester claimed in a meeting back in 2019 that seeing Abbott on TV made him “want to hate all black women,” insisting she “Should be shot.”

Sunak Let’s Hester off the Hook

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Politicians have spoken out about Hester, the multi-million pound Tory donor, along with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s response to the comments.

Sunak Accepts Hester’s Remorse… and His Money

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak argued that he accepted Hester’s alleged show of “remorse” after Hester admitted his comments were “Rude,” refraining from calling them “racist.”

SNP Leader Defends Abbott

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The SNP Westminster leader, Stephen Flynn, accused the Conservatives of accepting a “10 Million” pound donation from Hester while knowing about his racist comments.

Flynn Accuses PM of Putting “Money Before Morales”

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Flynn accused the Prime Minister of “putting money before morals” after Hester claimed that a fellow MP “Should be shot,” with many MPs urging the PM to return the donation.

Pete Wishart’s Position

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Despite the support for the SNP’s messaging, SNP MP Pete Wishart recently announced that he would not utilize the “Tory-free” message.

Wishart Removes Himself From Rhetoric

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Although Wishart is not too keen on the Tories himself and accepts he wishes to remove them from his constituency, he claimed he would not use the rhetoric in his election campaign.

Going against the Tory-Free Wording

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In a statement online, Wishart said, “Much as I will be doing everything possible to ensure that the Tories are kept out of Perth and Kinross-shire I won’t be using this ‘Tory free’ rhetoric as part of my campaign.”

A Chance for a Tory-Free Scotland

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On the other hand, Hepburn has defended the wording as a “chance to get rid of Tory MPs in Scotland and make Scotland Tory free.”

Hepburn Believes Tory Time Is Up

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Hepburn argued that seats in Scotland belong to either the SNP or the Tories, arguing that “people are already coming to the conclusion that the Tories’ time is up.”

Snp to Hold Every Seat in Scotland

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With many seeing this as a chance to remove the Tories from all seven seats in Scotland, it’s looking likely that the SNP will be the successor for every one of those seats.

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