Ditch Sunak Now! Tory Rage Explodes Amid Election Panic

In Westminster, whispers of a seismic leadership shift within the Conservative Party emerge as discussions swirl around Penny Mordaunt’s potential crowning as Prime Minister following Rishi Sunak’s perceived weakness. Here’s the full story.

Not a Good Week

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Rishi Sunak is not having a good week. Following damning reports that a significant Conservative donor, Frank Hester, made racist comments about Diane Abbot, a budget that failed to make substantial news when it landed, the departure of Lee Anderson for Reform UK, and ongoing concerns over the economy, problems are piling up for the Prime Minister.

The Right Man?

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Such is the extent of Sunak’s troubles that the Conservatives, always quick to oust a leader showing signs of weakness, ask themselves if he is the right man to lead them into the upcoming election. 

Electoral Suicide

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Though it might seem like electoral suicide, a covert plan is underway among Conservative MPs to unseat Rishi Sunak in the clandestine corridors of political power. 

Replacing Sunak

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There has been talk of discussions held among the party’s right-wing and moderates regarding the possibility of replacing Rishi Sunak as prime minister with Penny Mordaunt, bypassing a divisive leadership contest.

Third Coup

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If Penny Mordaunt, the current Leader of the House, is installed as leader, it would mark the third time the Tories have launched a coup against one of their own since the last election. 

“Woke” Views

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Mordaunt has emerged as the lead contender for this group of Tory plotters despite her initial sidelining due to her “woke” views on transgender rights. 


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The plotters believe the more moderate Mordaunt would be a shoo-in for Leader. However, desperate to avoid another leadership contest against the Conservative base favourites Kemi Badenoch and Suella Braverman, they would need to install her in a profoundly undemocratic ‘coronation’ should the Prime Minister face a confidence vote. 

Notable Shift

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A notable shift in sentiment is observed within the party ranks, with murmurs of discontent morphing into concrete discussions about leadership change. 

MPs Dissatisfaction

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Former ministers and MPs from various wings of the party express growing support for replacing Sunak, citing dissatisfaction with No 10’s handling of recent events.

“The Mood Has Shifted”

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A source who spoke under condition of anonymity to the right-wing newspaper The Daily Mail stated, “The mood has shifted a long way this week. There is a feeling that we cannot go on as we are and that even Penny would be better.”

“Swing Behind Her”

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The anonymous source continued, “She would have to allow social policy to be set by others but if you got over that hurdle, you could see the Right prepared to swing behind her if it was the only way to get rid of Rishi and avoid a contest.”

Previous Mutinies

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The current manoeuvring within the Conservative Party draws parallels to previous Tory munities against their leaders, notably the swift replacement of Iain Duncan Smith with Michael Howard in 2003, fearing poor election results as the Conservatives do now. 

Spectre of Electoral Disaster

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The spectre of electoral disaster looms large, propelling MPs to contemplate drastic measures to avert potential disaster.

Voted Out

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Mordaunt was previously considered for the Leader of the Conservative Party in 2022, but concerns from the party’s right over what they saw as her “woke” views saw her dropped from the contest. 

Grain of Salt

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Polling of Conservative voters also suggested that she would be the best candidate to beat Labour leader Keir Starmer, though, with Conservative voter’s past choices for Prime Minister, such as the economy crashing Liz Truss and the Covid rule-breaking Boris Johnson, it may be best to take those polling results with a grain of salt. 

“Kamikaze Mission”

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As his party members seethe with conspiratorial plots for leadership coups, Sunak is attempting to regain some semblance of control by ruling out an early election in May after his MPs warned that it would be a “kamikaze mission.”

Time to Plot

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However, Sunak may now be asking himself if those MPs really wanted more time to arrange to replace him before the next election. 

Someone to Blame

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As the shockwaves from a week of political upheaval continue reverberating outwards, the Tories are doing what they do best: looking for someone to blame for their misfortune. 

Waning Optimism

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In true Conservative style, their eyes have turned to their Leader as disillusionment mounts and the previous optimism surrounding Sunak’s economic agenda wanes. 

Historic Defeat

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With the Tory party bracing for what seems, according to all available polling, a defeat of historic proportions in the upcoming elections, plots and inner party intrigue will be the order of the day. 

Delicate Balance

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The trajectory of Penny Mordaunt’s political fortunes and the fate of Rishi Sunak remain uncertain, encapsulating the delicate balance of power within the Conservative Party.

Who Will Lead?

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Which of them will lead the Conservative Party into the next election remains to be seen. 

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