Populist Politics FINALLY Dying Out in the UK

For a decade, politics has been dominated by personality, not policy. The ‘celebrity politician’ has influenced the political landscape in this country, but Keir Starmer plans to end that if Labour wins power in the election. 

Personality Politics Put on Notice

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Despite seven attempts, Nigel Farage has never won a parliamentary election in the UK. Despite this, his opinions, campaigning, and profile have influenced British politics for years. 

Personal Shortcomings Ignored

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The warnings about Boris Johnson were there. He’d been fired from journalism jobs for fabricating the truth. He’d had several affairs. He was suspected of backing ‘Leave’ not because he believed in the cause but because he saw a chance to lead that way. 

Politicians Seduced the Electorate

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A snappy soundbite, a grand statement, a smile for a camera, a messy hairdo. They all contributed to ineffective politicians being escalated to important political positions. All style, no substance. And we paid for it – egos came first.

Reality TV Appearances Whilst Serving as MPs

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During the Tory rule, MPs such as Nadine Dorries and Mat Hancock appeared on reality TV shows. This was a genuinely ludicrous decision—paid MPs earning hundreds of thousands of pounds to appear on TV when they should be working for the public. 

UK Politics Shifted 

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After Brexit, we found ourselves with divisive politics in the UK. We had a left-leaning Labour led by Jeremy Corbyn. The Tories had jumped to the right, dominated by right-wing European Research Group members. 

Centre Ground Left Unoccupied

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The politicians who preceded Johnson and Corbyn were more dotted around the centre ground. Cameron, Osborne and Miliband were right and left of centre.

Polarised Politics Means a Polarised Country

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The political narratives under Johnson and Corbyn were further right and left than before, splitting the electorate. Many centrists were left politically homeless—not wanting Brexit but not wanting a leap to the left either. 

Starmer Vowing a Return to the Centre

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In a recent interview, Starmer said: “I think you win from the centre ground, the centre ground is where most people are. As a nation, broadly speaking we’re a pretty reasonable, tolerant bunch but we are in the centre ground of politics. People don’t like the extremes of the right or the left.”

Centre Ground Is a Broad Church

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He continued: “One of the invitations we’ve thrown out is to say we want a decade of national renewal. The national bit is really important to people. This isn’t a tribal Labour. You don’t have to be a lifelong Labour supporter and voter to want to have a decade of national renewal. Very many Tories would want it.”

Polling Would Agree

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Whilst we don’t have a significant far-left party in the UK, Reform would be considered the furthest right of the leading players. They’re polling at 15% of the vote share, a long way behind Labour in the centre-left ground, with 46%. 

Populists Spotting Game Is Up

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It’s interesting that despite the rise in popularity of Reform UK, Nigel Farage isn’t running. He’d likely have his best chance of winning a seat as an MP, but he’s realised the populists’ time in the sun is up.

The Country Hasn’t Won

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The chaotic nature of a governing party containing many populist politicians has been plain to see. Political infighting amongst the Conservatives has seen us go through five Prime Ministers in ten years. 

Constant Change, Zero Progress

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As a nation, this constant change has led to a national disaster: unworkable public services, massive national debt, a crashed economy, and a deep dislike of the government. 

Time for Grown UPS to Be in Charge

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Even if you don’t agree with his politics or like him as a leader, it has been a refreshing change under Sunak not to have the headlines dominated by chaos in the government. Underperformance, yes. Chaos, no.

Centrist Governments Reach All Parts

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The last genuinely centrist government was Labour under Tony Blair. Although those on the far ends of the political spectrum didn’t like it, the nation was more prosperous. There was 15 years of economic growth in a row, with stable inflation. 

Country Now Needs Stability

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As we emerge from 14 years of Tory rule, we need stability and growth. Politicians almost need to go back to being bureaucrats, not celebrities—doing a solid job and not courting the limelight. 

Lessons Need to Be Learned

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Any politician with one eye on a reality TV career should examine the fat of Mat Hancock and Nadine Dorries after their appearance. It did neither one of them any political favours—in fact, it made them even less likeable in the eyes of the public. 

Demands on New Government Higher Than Ever

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Whoever forms the new government will have an overflowing in-tray. They’ve got to rebuild trust, public services, the economy, the armed forces and a relationship with Europe.

Need to Hit the Ground Running

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By focusing on the job in hand and putting aside personality politics, the new government will earn a much better reputation than the outgoing one. The 14 years of political chaos will be coming to an end. 

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