Reform UK Insider: “Majority of Candidates Are Racist”

A former Reform UK candidate has switched allegiance to the Conservatives as the “majority” of Nigel Farage’s Party are “racist”.

Reform Candidate Turns Tory

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A second Reform UK candidate has announced they will be switching allegiance to the Conservatives this election.

Unsurprising Reason for Switch

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The candidate’s reason for the move will not be a surprise to many after this week’s scandal involving a racist Reform UK campaigner.

Racist Reform Colleagues

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The former Reform candidate, Georgie David, has insisted that her fellow Reform UK candidates were racist.

Reform Campaigner Caught Red-Handed

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David’s assertion comes just after a secret camera recorded a conversation with a Reform UK volunteer who said racial slurs towards the Prime Minister.

“Racist, Misogynistic and Bigoted”

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David claimed that the “majority” of her candidates at Reform UK were “racist, misogynistic and bigoted”.

Reform’s Right-Wing Reputation

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Reform UK is the country’s controversial right-wing Party and has come under fire recently for allegedly attracting racist candidates and campaigners.

Reform’s Rise

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Led by the Party’s new leader, Nigel Farage, Reform started making progress in the polls over the last few weeks, but now that appears to have changed.

The Farage Effect

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Farage was appointed as leader on June 3, and the Party has since risen in popularity as right-wing Tory voters switched allegiance.

Reform Losing Popularity Contest

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However, after significant gaffes from Farage and the scandal involving Andrew Parker, Reform’s popularity is dipping again.

Blaming the West for Ukraine

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Farage’s first mistake was announcing his belief that the West was responsible for the war in Ukraine.

Voters’ Connection With Ukraine

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Many of Britain’s right-wing voters have been touched by Ukraine’s struggles, with the UK attempting to lead the way in financial support of the nation at war with Russia.

Farage’s Controversial Take

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Farage also controversially called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “clever” leader, insisting that he respects Putin’s ability to remain in power for so long.

Farage’s Monumental Task

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The former UKIP leader recently had to defend his Party after Andrew Parker was secretly recorded making violent and racist comments about migrants and the Prime Minister.

Reform Volunteer’s Violent Take

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According to Parker, the British Army should be deployed to “shoot” all the migrants attempting to cross the border illegally, causing Farage to respond.

Farage “Disgusted” by Comments

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Nigel Farage claimed that he was “disgusted” by the comments from the Reform volunteer and that he “did not know” why Parker was allowed to represent the Party.

Farage Refuses to Apologise

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Farage went on to make a promise to the British public but refused to apologise for the comments made about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Farage’s Promise to Public

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Farage promised the public that he would tighten up party regulations, ensuring that no one with extremist views would be allowed into the Party.

“Much Stricter Control”

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Farage claimed, “I’m going to put this thing under a much, much stricter control,” in an attempt to remove the “bad apples” from the Party.

Labour Slams Farage’s Leadership

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Labour leader Sir Kier Starmer slammed Farage for not taking responsibility, claiming that a leader should “set the tone, and the culture, and the standards” of their Party.

Affecting Reform in Polls

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Now, David has become the second Reform candidate to switch to the Tories. Her reasoning will do Reform UK no favours in the polls.

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