Tory Self-Destruction Caused By Appeasing the Right Wing

Following the resounding vote to remove the Tories from power, there’ll be the inevitable post-mortem. They won’t have to look far to find the culprit, though.

Torn Apart From Inside

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The issues the Tory party had are historic. They’ve always had a right and far right that don’t always agree. The difference in this case was the genie was let out of the lamp. 

Cameron’s Mistake

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By announcing the Brexit referendum, Cameron emboldened the right of his party. Where they were a (relatively) quiet minority, they suddenly grew in number and confidence. 

Brexit Drew New Battles

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The Tories had gone from fighting for a common cause to fighting against one another. The party leader, chancellor and home secretary all wanted to remain. 

Front-to-Back Respect Lost

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Backbenchers who wanted to leave the EU began openly criticising their bosses in the cabinet. How can an organisation function with such a colossal division?

Leaders Fell

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When the gun the Tories pointed at themselves went off, it took out the party leadership. Cameron and Osborne were soon out of a job after losing the referendum. 

May Takes Over

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As May took over, the right of the party weren’t happy. She wasn’t a Brexiteer and didn’t deliver the kind of Brexit the right wanted. She wasn’t set to last long. 

Sub-Groups Became King Makers

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Within the Tory party, subgroups gained significantly more power. The ERG (European Research Group) grew from a minor group of eurosceptic Tories to power brokers.

Boris Was Installed

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Johnson was elected thanks to much support from the right. Whilst he enjoyed popularity at the start, it didn’t take long for the whole thing to unwind.

Light on Detail

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As the pandemic struck, his shortcomings were exposed. Missing COBRA meetings, falling short on strategy and delivery. Soon, rumours about disagreements within the party began to surface.

Lighter on Truth

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The lies that had dogged Johnson’s career started to surface. There were issues around PPE, Russian links, and finally, Partygate. He was fundamentally exposed as a liar and a chancer.

Party Turned

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As the public lost faith, the party followed. There were mass cabinet walkouts as colleagues urged Johnson to quit, which he eventually did. 

Truss Up Next

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Liz Truss followed and lasted less time than a lettuce. She was supported by the right wing of the party, delivered a disastrous budget that spooked the market and sent interest rates through the roof. Your borrowing costs shot up thanks to Truss. 

Sunak Last in Line

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Having lost anyone of any credibility in the party, it was a case of the last man standing. That’s how Sunak got the job as leader. He’d only been rejected by the party six weeks previously, so he was off to a shaky start.

Reputational Damage Complete

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The damage was complete after having been through Brexit, 5 Prime Ministers, proven lies, in-fighting, an economic crash, a poorly handled pandemic, and a price of living crisis. 

Calls for General Election

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The calls for a general election grew louder daily. The national mood was changed – the Tories were no longer welcome or supported. 

Humbling Results

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Call it hubris or delusion; some Tories fought on defiantly. There were calls for Boris Johnson to return to save the day. They’d lost touch with reality.

Tories, Not Individuals 

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The electorate had decided years ago they wanted change. It doesn’t matter who led them into battle – they were toast. 

Result Not Sunak’s Fault

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Some will say this is down to Sunak. It isn’t. It’s down to the Tories as a whole. The ones who brought on Brexit that made us poorer. The ones who excused Johnson’s lying and the cabinet’s incompetence. The ones who backed Truss. They’re all to blame. 

Change Starts By Accepting Responsibility

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The Tories won’t have to look far to determine where the blame lies. They did this to themselves. They treated running the country lightly, which has kicked them in the backside. We’re fed up. And we showed them so. 

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