Girl Power: Record Number of Women Promoted to the Cabinet

The Labour Party has appointed a record number of female MPs and cabinet ministers in British political history.

Labour Wins Landslide

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After winning the general election by a landslide, the Labour Party has another victory to celebrate.

Breaking Records

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The newly formed Labour government has embraced change and will hold the most amount of female MPs in British history.

Starmer Appoints Cabinet

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Labour leader and the now Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer has appointed Britain’s first females to hold roles in a number of departments.

First Female Chancellor

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Rachel Reeves was appointed the country’s first-ever female Chancellor due to her background in economics, but that wasn’t all.

Rayner Appointed Deputy PM

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Angela Rayner will become only Britain’s second female Deputy Prime Minister, but there are factors that make this appointment even more impressive.

Rayner’s Tough Background

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Rayner, born in Stockport in the North of England, left school with no qualifications and became pregnant at the age of just 16.

A Late Start

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Despite these factors, Rayner managed to achieve her qualifications later in her life while raising a child. She is now Deputy Prime Minister.

Mahmood Reclaims Ladywood

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Along with this positive step for British politics, Shabana Mahmood reclaimed her seat in Ladywood, Birmingham, after previously making history.

First Female Muslim MP

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Mahmood was appointed Justice Secretary and one of Britain’s first-ever female Muslim MPs, but this election wasn’t all smiles for female MPs.

Ugly Scenes at Victory Speech

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Jess Phillips was elected again as MP for her constituency of Birmingham Yardley, winning by only 693 votes, but the scenes turned ugly during her victory speech.

“Absolutely Horrible” Campaign

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According to Jess Phillips, the last few weeks of campaigning were “absolutely horrible” when she was heckled during her speech.

“Aggressive” Abuse

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Phillips revealed that she had been receiving “aggressive” and “intimidatory” abuse during her six-week campaign. 

“Humiliation by Men”

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Phillips admitted that “In my constituency, the humiliation was by men, to women,” after revealing that a group of men slashed the tyres of campaign activists.

“An Assault on Democracy”

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Mahmood stood up for Jess Phillips, calling the men’s actions an “assault on democracy itself.”

Age as a Factor

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Starmer has also appointed one of the youngest-ever female cabinet ministers, Louise Haigh.

Transport Secretary Announced

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Haigh, who is just 36 years old, has been appointed Transport Secretary. She has served as Shadow Secretary of State since 2021.

Kendall Retains Leicester West

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53-year-old Liz Kendall has been appointed Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. Kendall retained her seat in Leicester West, a seat she has held since 2010.

Comparing Starmer’s Cabinet

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Compared to previous cabinets, Starmer’s appointments may see the most women in British political history, but there’s one record he could not break.

The Downside of Starmer’s Cabinet

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Starmer’s cabinet is one of the lowest for ethnic minorities, with the newly appointed foreign secretary David Lammy being the only black member of the cabinet.

Starmer Congratulates Sunak

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This could explain why Starmer wanted to congratulate his predecessor, Rishi Sunak for becoming Britain’s first British-Asian Prime Minister.

British Politics and Diversity

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Despite Starmer’s cabinet lacking in ethnic minorities, the amount of women is a step in the right direction, with British politics clearly becoming more diverse compared to previous decades.

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