How Starmer Starts Fixing a Broken Britain

It’s time to get to work once the dust settles on the election. Although Labour has swept to power, there are a lot of cynics they need to win over. This is a look at what he’ll need to do. 

Start Fast

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People have voted for change, and they’ll want to see it. As Blair’s government did in 1997, they need to get moving with their agenda for change quickly to win over cynics.

Reassure Business

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Rachel Reeves has done an excellent job calming businesses and reassuring them that Labour won’t be increasing taxes such as corporation tax or VAT. That message will have to be drilled home. 

Outline NHS Plans

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An election promise was to cut NHS waiting times. They’ll need to get an early win on the board here by explaining HOW they will do it. 

Establish a Dialogue With Europe

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Let’s be honest; our relationship with Europe has seen better days. Starmer needs to establish some ties with Europe to help boost trade and remover red tape.

Tackle Immigration

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In many ways, immigration was the downfall of the Tories. The lack of action on that front is why voters have left the Tories in droves and voted for Reform UK. The best chance of winning the right over is to act on immigration. 

Win Over Frustrated Public Servants

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Millions of people have just gotten a new boss. Having worked for the Tories for years, I know many public servants are tired and underappreciated. Winning them over will be vital for helping Labour.

Solving Pay Disputes

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Strikes were a common theme under the Tories. If Starmer’s government can find common ground with unions, which will lead to settled pay issues, he’ll do well. 

Re-Establish Confidence in Services

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The Tories created an ‘us and them’ culture, almost viewing public servants as a problem. By working with doctors, nurses, teachers, and rail workers, labour will help improve services and win a lot of public support. 

Tackling Water Issues

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For years now, our water companies have been taking liberties. They are paying dividends from debt, under-investing in services and putting prices up. Starmer needs to tackle these issues. 

Introducing Popular Taxes

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The public purse is stretched and needs all the help it can get. Introducing the popular taxes early will be a quick PR win for the party. 

Hit the Energy Companies

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The promised energy company windfall tax will be a winner for the public. We’ve all been subject to substantial price rises for energy whilst they have pocketed record profits. Seeing some of those profits taxed will be a boost. 

Charge VAT on Public School Fees

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As our state schools fall apart in many cases and teachers are under-resourced, the public school system thrives. Raising several billion pounds by charging VAT to these schools will help fund the recruitment of new teachers.

Reform Planning Processes

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One of the fastest wins for the UK economy would be to reform planning. By speeding up the planning system, building work could progress faster, boosting the economy. 

Start Building

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A key promise by Labour is the building of 1.5 million new homes. The public will want to see movement on this quickly. 

Bolster Defence

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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, defence spending has been put under intense scrutiny. Investment in defence will win support from the right and help to calm the furore around the UK’s defence readiness. 

Boost Business Investment

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The UK economy has flatlined since Brexit because of a lack of investment. The business community will want to see this investment quickly because economic growth has been a key manifesto pledge. 

Acting Quickly, But Sensibly

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The country Labour has inherited is broken, discouraged and ready for change. Starmer will be aware of this, and he has to make the most of the honeymoon period without being over-enthusiastic. 

Focus on Delivery

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One of the criticisms of the Tory party is that they spent too much time and effort on style rather than substance. Labour can’t be distracted by attacks and in-fighting; the delivery time is soon.

A Big 12 Months Ahead

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Dramatic change takes time, and there are financial restrictions in place. Despite that, the public will expect to see the green shoots of change within a year, so let’s hope Starmer can deliver. 

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