Prince Andrew Won’t Face Investigation for Second Assault Claim

In the latest twist surrounding the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, faces renewed scrutiny as a trove of almost 200 legal documents connected to a 2015 defamation case is set to be unsealed.

King’s Brother Avoids Second Claim

The brother of the king, Prince Andrew, has narrowly escaped another potentially costly sexual assault claim, as the second accuser, Johanna Sjoberg, missed a crucial legal deadline. This turn of events shields Andrew from potential involvement in yet another New York civil case following a prior settlement that reportedly cost him £12 million.

A list of 170 names includes Prince Andrew and former US President Bill Clinton. The imminent release has put other associates, such as Bill Gates and former Israeli PM Ehud Barak, on edge.

Prince Andrew’s Link to Giuffre’s Defamation Case

Prince Andrew’s connection to the defamation case that cost him the £12 million, filed by Virginia Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell, has resurfaced, with recent indications pointing towards the public revelation of testimonies from over 170 individuals associated with Epstein.

This decision comes from Judge Loretta Preska, overseeing the now-settled defamation case, who claimed, “This material should be unsealed.”

Close sources to Prince Andrew express immense relief as Johanna Sjoberg failed to meet the legal deadline, sparing the Duke from potential legal complexities. Eager to reshape his public image, Prince Andrew has made public appearances at Royal Family events, including Christmas Day Mass in Sandringham, alongside his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

Anticipation Surrounding Sjoberg’s Allegations

Johanna Sjoberg, who accused Prince Andrew of inappropriate behavior at Epstein’s Manhattan residence in 2001, is expected to have an unsealed 30-page summary of her evidence. This material, part of an extensive collection of files related to Epstein’s associates, friends, and victims, promises to shed light on the intricate tapestry of allegations surrounding the disgraced financier.

Originating from a 2015 US defamation case filed by Virginia Roberts against Ghislaine Maxwell, these files are poised to unveil disturbing testimonies from Ms Sjoberg and others. Particular attention is focused on a concealed email account belonging to Maxwell, holding potential insights into her conversations with Prince Andrew.

Unveiling Details of Incidents and Denials

The impending release may shed light on previous incidents, such as Ms Sjoberg’s claims that Prince Andrew groped her during a peculiar encounter involving a Spitting Image puppet at Epstein’s Manhattan home.

Maxwell, in her deposition, denied the puppet-related claim, further complicating the narrative. Ms Sjoberg, who was a student in Florida at the time, asserted that Epstein ordered her to “entertain” the Duke and has recounted a visit to Balmoral with Epstein and Ms Giuffre in mid-1999.

Implications for the Former President 

The documents set for release are also said to implicate Bill Clinton, focusing on attempts to secure his testimony during Hillary Clinton’s presidential run. Importantly, these materials do not reportedly contain any allegations of wrongdoing against the former president.

The defamation case was settled in 2017, but the Miami Herald’s persistence has led to a gradual release of names since 2019, with the final batch anticipated this week.

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