UK’s Demonstrations Continue Despite PM’s ‘Extremist’ Speech

Protests in support of Palestine persist following the Prime Minister’s speech on “extremist disruption”, with organizers calling for peaceful demonstrations amid heightened tensions. Here’s the full story.

Ongoing Protests 

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As tensions surrounding the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict continue to rise, pro-Palestine demonstrations are set to continue across the UK this weekend. 


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Some of the protests have been called in direct response to the recent speech by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, which attempted to portray peaceful protestors as “extremists.”

“Extremist Disruption”

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In his speech outside 10 Downing Street, Sunak emphasized the fragility of democracy in the face of what he termed “extremist disruption.”

Tearing Apart 

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The Prime Minister also spoke of “forces here at home trying to tear us apart” in response to the October 7th attacks on Israel by Hamas. 

“Beyond Alarming”

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Speaking of the recent election of George Galloway in the Rochdale byelection, the Prime Minister said that the election results were “beyond alarming.”

Peaceful Protests 

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Sunak attempted to use the recent peaceful protests as an opportunity to present those who use their democratic right to march on the streets as somehow dangerous fanatics. 

Hijacking Protests 

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The Prime Minister stated, “I want to speak directly to those who choose to continue to protest: don’t let the extremists hijack your marches. You have a chance in the coming weeks to show that you can protest decently, peacefully, and with empathy for your fellow citizens.


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He continued: “Let us prove these extremists wrong and show them that even when we disagree, we will never be disunited.”

“Violent Jihad” 

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The Prime Minister then went on to attempt to portray the protesters calling for a ceasefire in Gaza as extremists, warning them they “cannot call for violent jihad.”

Advocating Unity 

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Sunak’s call for peaceful demonstrations found support from Labour leader Keir Starmer, who echoed the sentiment, stating, “The prime minister is right to advocate unity and to condemn the unacceptable and intimidatory behaviour that we have seen recently.”


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However, Sunak’s remarks did not go unchallenged. Critics, including those directly targeted by his speech, such as George Galloway, condemned his characterization of the protests as extremist. 

Unfair Targeting 

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Galloway, who secured a significant portion of the vote in Rochdale, accused Sunak of unfairly targeting Britain’s Muslim population and attempting to delegitimize peaceful expressions of dissent.

Alarmed at Support 

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Galloway stated that Sunak was “alarmed at the growing support for Palestine, for Gaza in Britain” and was attempting to “paint these peaceful demonstrators – almost always demonstrating without a single arrest being made, without so much as a paper cup being dropped – they are trying to conflate peaceful democratic protest in Britain with some kind of mob, with some kind of violence and intimidation.”

“Seeds of Division” 

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Other political figures also weighed in on Sunak’s speech. Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, criticized the Prime Minister and his party, stating, “The British people will take no lessons from a prime minister and Conservative party who have sowed the seeds of division for years.”

Palestine Solidarity Campaign 

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Ben Jamal, director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, responded sharply to Sunak’s assertions, posting on X, “So Rishi Sunak wants to deal with ‘extremists.’ Maybe he should start with politicians, political commentators, and religious leaders who support a state on trial for genocide in its mass slaughter and deliberate creation of famine. Not those protesting against it.

“Look in the Mirror” 

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He continued: “As for his ire at those who seek to divide us, does he ever look in the mirror, or around his cabinet table? Come back when you’ve kicked Suella Braverman, Robert Jenrick, Michael Gove out. That’s just for starters.”


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Despite the controversy stirred by Sunak’s speech, pro-Palestine demonstrators remain steadfast in their cause. 

Barclays Bank 

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Many have directed their protests towards Barclays Bank, citing the institution’s alleged financial ties to companies supplying weapons and military technology to Israel. 


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Up and down the country, the protesters are determined to gather outside many bank branches over the weekend. 

Persistent Protests 

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The persistence of these protests underscores the depth of feeling surrounding the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict within the UK. 

Unfairly Targeted 

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Prime Minister Sunak’s recent calls for unity have only increased the feeling that peaceful protests are being unfairly singled out by a government rapidly losing cohesion and attempting to stir up division to hold onto power. 

Increased Resolve

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While his labelling of peaceful protesters as “extremists” has caused controversy, it has not dampened the resolve of those advocating for Palestinian rights. 

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