Sunak Asserts ‘No Racism in Conservative Party’ Despite Turbulent Week

After intense calls from politicians from all sides, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has admitted his MP Lee Anderson’s “Islamophobic” comments were “wrong” but insists there is no racism problem within his party.

Sunak Addresses Controversial Comments

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has responded to the “Islamophobic” remarks made by former deputy chairman Lee Anderson, after intense calls from politicians.

Sunak has officially stated that Anderson’s comments regarding the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan were both not acceptable and “wrong,” with many Labour politicians calling the comments “Islamophobic” and demanding that Sunak respond.

Conservative MP Lee Anderson argued that London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan had allowed “Islamists” to take over the city, saying they “control” Khan. According to Anderson, Sadiq Khan has “given our capital city away to his mates” before adding that “Islamists” have “got control of Khan, and they’ve got control of London.”

Anderson was suspended for the comments by the Conservative Whip, with a spokesperson announcing his suspension not for his words, but “Following his refusal to apologise.”

Conservative Party’s Islamophobic Past

This isn’t the first time that a Conservative MP has been under fire for controversial comments surrounding the religion of Islam, as former Prime Minister Boris Johnson once mocked women who practice the religion.

Deputy PM Oliver Dowden refused to acknowledge Anderson’s comments as “racist” and instead chose to describe his comments as “the wrong words.” 

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman was sacked by the Prime Minister for her divisive rhetoric and echoed Anderson’s words that “Islamists” now control the UK.

When asked whether the Conservative Party had an Islamophobia issue running through its members, Sunak replied, “No, of course it doesn’t.” 

Labour’s “Deeply Disturbing” Revelation

Labour MP Amelia Dodds called it “deeply disturbing” that Anderson would’ve been accepted back into his party if he simply apologised for his words, which she insists were “Islamophobic, divisive and damaging.”

Former Conservatives have spoken out against Anderson’s words, including former Cabinet Minister Baroness Warsi who condemned his comments as “the rot at the heart” of the Tory Party.

The Prime Minister also failed to acknowledge whether the comments were racist or Islamophobic, “I said clearly his choice of words wasn’t acceptable. It was wrong. And that’s why the whip was suspended,” he said.

Lib Dem Leader Speaks Out

According to Lib Dem leader Daisy Cooper, the Prime Minister has failed to “properly” condemn Anderson’s views on “Islamists” taking control of the city. 

“The refusal of Rishi Sunak and his ministers to properly call out Lee Anderson’s extreme comments shows just how low the Conservative Party has fallen,” said Ms Cooper.

Prime Minister’s Response to Anti-Semitism

The Prime Minister was quick to condemn Keir Starmer’s delayed response in suspending the Labour MP for Rochdale who made controversial comments regarded as anti-semitic.

The Muslim Council of Britain acknowledged that they “welcome” Anderson’s suspension, but urged the Conservatives to do something about the apparent “Islamophobia” issue it has.

“While we welcome Mr Anderson’s suspension, his comments did not occur in a vacuum and is only the tip of an iceberg…. The Conservative Party has an Islamophobia problem. They need to own up to it,” the Council said.

London Mayor Responds

London Mayor Sadiq Khan opened up about his feelings on the matter, saying that Anderson is a “racist” and cited the increase in Islamophobia within the UK since last October.

Khan said, “These comments from a senior Conservative are Islamophobic, are anti-Muslim and are racist,” before citing the “330%” increase in anti-Muslim hate crime cases in the UK.

Anderson’s Response to Suspension

Anderson responded to the suspension with acceptance, saying that he understood why they took action, but that he would continue to fight “Extremism” in all its forms.

Although the Prime Minister has now condemned the comments made by Anderson, he must now prove to the country that there is no issue of Islamophobia elsewhere in his party despite numerous moments that suggest otherwise.

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