Nothing Learned, Everything Gained: Racist Tory Donor Gives Another Huge Sum of Money to the Party

The Conservative Party’s acceptance of donations from businessman Frank Hester, despite his racist and misogynistic remarks about Labour MP Diane Abbott, has sparked widespread controversy and criticism from across the political spectrum. Here’s the full story.

Racist and Misogynistic

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Frank Hester, the prominent businessman who was revealed to have made horrifyingly racist and misogynistic comments about Labour MP Diane Abbott, has been a significant donor to the Conservative Party.

Political Firestorm

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Hester became the centre of a political firestorm after it was revealed that Hester had told his colleagues in 2019 that Abbot made him “want to hate all black women” and that she “should be shot.”

Public Outrage

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These comments, widely condemned across the political spectrum, prompted public outrage and brought significant scrutiny to the Conservative Party’s decision to continue accepting donations from Hester.

Additional Donations

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Despite the controversy, recent figures have shown that following the outcry over Hester’s comments, the Conservative Party accepted a further £150,000 from Hester.

Eye-Watering Sums

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Through personal donations and those made through his health software company, The Phoenix Partnership (TPP), Hester has donated eye-watering sums of money to the Conservative Party.

Massive Contributions

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Through TPP, Hester contributed £10 million to the Conservatives in 2023 and another £5 million in January 2024.

Crucial Support

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These donations have positioned Hester as the Tories’ most prominent financial supporter in recent years, with his contributions forming a crucial part of the party’s financial base.

No Refund

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Despite the immediate backlash against Hester’s comments, the Conservative Party made the unsurprising decision not to return Hester’s donations.

“Wrong” and “Racist”

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned the remarks as “wrong” and “racist” but maintained that Hester’s apology settled the issue.

“Rightly Apologised”

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A Conservative Party spokesman stated, “Mr Hester has rightly apologised for comments made in the past. As Mr Hester has apologised and shown contrition and we consider the matter resolved.”

Abbott’s Rejection

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However, Diane Abbott, who was the target of Hester’s appallingly racist and misogynistic comments, made it clear that she did not consider the matter to be resolved.

“An Insult to Me”

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Abbott wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “Rishi Sunak belatedly admitted Frank Hester’s remarks that I made him hate all black women and should be shot were racist. Now it turns out Sunak accepted a further £5m from him. An insult to me and all black women.”

Sunak Should “Not Still Be Taking His Money”

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She later told the BBC, “If he really objected to Hester’s remarks, Sunak would not still be taking his money.”

Opposition Criticism

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The decision to continue taking the money of a man who had been so publicly revealed as being racist was heavily criticised by opposition parties.

“No Integrity”

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Labour chair Anneliese Dodds stated, “Rishi Sunak has proven he is a man with no integrity. He is too weak to return the money donated by a man who has made violent, misogynist and racist remarks which belong nowhere near our politics.”

“Returned the Money”

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She continued, “If Rishi Sunak had a backbone he’d have cut ties with Frank Hester months ago, returned the money and apologised properly to Diane Abbott.”

“How Low Can Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives Go?”

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Liberal Democrat deputy leader Daisy Cooper echoed these sentiments: “How low can Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives go? If the Conservatives spend this money, they will be proudly funded by a man who made the most appalling racist and sexist comments.”

“The Buck Stops With Rishi Sunak”

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She continued, “Ultimately the buck stops with Rishi Sunak. Sunak must personally intervene and make sure not a penny of this money is spent.”

Financial Impact

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Unsurprisingly, the Conservative Party do not want to give back any of Hester’s money, as his contributions have had a significant financial impact on the Conservative Party.

Financial Reliance

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His donations, amounting to £15 million since the beginning of 2023, represent 44% of the total national spending limit for each party in the general election.

Precarious Position

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This financial reliance has placed the party in a precarious position, where returning the funds could create a substantial shortfall.

Labour Donations

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In contrast to the Conservative’s financial issues over Hester’s dirty money, the Labour Party has seen a rise in donations, with a notable contribution of £1.6 million from Ecotricity, a company controlled by Dale Vince.

Hedge Fund and Artists

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Labour also received £700,000 from hedge fund manager Martin Taylor and substantial contributions from artists such as Grayson Perry and Maggi Hambling.

Labour’s Bolstered Position

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These donations have bolstered Labour’s financial position ahead of the general election, although they still lag behind the Conservatives in total fundraising.

Darker Side

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The controversy surrounding Frank Hester’s donations has shown the darker side of political fundraising in Britain.

Conservative Criticism

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While the Conservative Party has decided to keep Hester’s donations, their decision has drawn significant criticism from the entire political spectrum, opposition parties, and the public.

Uncertain Future

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It remains to be seen whether this outcry over Hester’s comments will be enough for the Conservatives to part with his much-needed money.

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