Rees-Mogg Calls for Conservative Party Overhaul as Tories Despair

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s candid remarks in a leaked recording reveal deep discontent within the Conservative Party. Here’s the full story.

Malaise Laid Bare

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With the general election fast approaching, the Conservative party has had their internal malaise laid bare following a leaked recording of Jacob Rees-Mogg uncovered by the Guardian.

“Profound Disillusionment”

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In the leaked recording, prominent Conservative MP, right-wing ideologue and ardent Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg expressed his profound disillusionment with the Conservative Party’s current trajectory.

“Lost Their Way”

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In sharp contrast to the optimistic tone of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who has tried to put a brave face on before a predicted Conservative bloodbath at the election, Rees-Mogg, speaking to a group of young Conservative activists, lamented that the Conservatives had “lost their way” after over a decade in power.

“Lost Our Way”

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Rees-Mogg stated, “Where I feel we have slightly lost our way after 14 years of government, and why I want to talk to you about the principles of being a Conservative, is that the longer you are in government, the more there’s a risk that you become an administrator rather than remembering why you’re there in the first place. We need to re-inject into ourselves that belief, that self-confidence.”

Sobering Assessment

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Rees-Mogg’s remarks were a sobering assessment of the Conservative Party’s legacy after 14 years in power, particularly considering their unassailable majority since the 2019 election.

“What Is the Excuse?”

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When Rees-Mogg was asked by a young Conservative in the audience why the Conservatives had squandered their majority, he replied, “It’s a fundamental question, why haven’t we, what is the excuse? We got a majority [in 2019], and then what happens? Covid. We’re knocked out for two years, we don’t manage to get on with things.”

“Completely Stupid Thing”

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He added, “That held us back and then the party decided to eject Boris Johnson, which was a completely stupid thing to do and has held us back from getting on with things since then. [We’re] further away from the mandate, a divided party, and so on. So that’s why we haven’t done what we should have done but the only real period to do it was from 2019.”

Controversial Border Wall

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However, one of the most controversial sections of Rees-Mogg’s speech was his comments on handling immigration and advocating for a Donald Trump-style border wall, but in an unbelievable location.

“Middle of the Channel”

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He stated, “If I were American I’d want the border closed, I’d be all in favour of building a wall. I’d want to build a wall in the middle of the English Channel.”

Hardline Immigration Policies

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Though Rees-Mogg has become infamous for his unique turns of phrase and occasional jokes when dealing with the media, this position, though undoubtedly intended to be humorous, underscores the hardline immigration policies that Conservatives like Rees-Mogg are in favour of.

Critical Time

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Though the recording was made back in March, the release has come at a critical time for the Conservative Party and Rees-Mogg himself. With the constituency he has represented since 2010, North East Somerset and Hanham, up for reelection, Rees-Mogg is facing a battle to win what was once a safe Conservative seat.

Challenged by Labour

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Rees-Mogg is being challenged by Labour’s Dan Norris, Mayor of the West of England, who is campaigning hard to unseat him. Speaking to ITV News, Norris stated, “I think beating Jacob Rees-Mogg is very important. He is responsible for bringing in Liz Truss and Boris Johnson and I think that caused chaos to the country. I have given Labour the best chance of winning this very narrow and tight seat, so that is why I am doing it.”

Conservative Party Issues

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Norris is not the only problem facing Rees-Mogg and his party. The leaked recording has revealed the sorry state of the Conservative Party, with deep-seated issues of frustration and division amongst its members.

Growing Discontent

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Rees-Mogg’s remarks, which align with many other Conservative MPs speaking publicly and privately, indicate a growing discontent with the party’s direction, effectiveness in government and lack of leadership under Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Sunak’s Rebuttal

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Sunak has tried to push back against suggestions that his party and the country have languished under him, telling the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg: “[This] is a better place to live than it was in 2010. Of course, I understand that the last few years have been difficult for everyone – we had a once in a century pandemic, followed by a war in Ukraine that drove up everyone’s bills – and of course, that’s been difficult for everybody.”

Despair at the Heart

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As the election draws ever closer, Rees-Mogg’s candid insights showcase the despair at the heart of a party that traditionally has been the party of government in the UK. With polling day now only hours away, it remains to be seen if Rees-Mogg will survive the election and, if he does, if his party will take notice of his warnings.

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