Exposed: Home Office Report Blows the Lid Off Rwanda’s Safety Concerns

Recent revelations from a Home Office report shed light on alarming allegations of human rights abuses in Rwanda, prompting scrutiny over its designation as a safe destination for asylum seekers. Here’s the full story.

Not a Safe Country

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Despite the UK Government’s repeated claims that Rwanda, the country to which it plans to send asylum seekers, in contravention of both international and UK law, is a safe country, a new report from the Home Office would seem to suggest that this is not the case. 

Human Rights Abuses

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The recently published Home Office report has brought to light serious allegations of grave human rights abuses in Rwanda, which have contradicted the government’s assertions that the country is safe. 

Assassinations, Torture, Forced Disappearances

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Despite the controversial passing of the Safety of Rwanda Bill, which deems Rwanda a safe and secure destination for the government to send asylum seekers to, the updated report reveals disturbing details of ongoing human rights violations in the country, including assassinations, torture and forced disappearances. 

Serious Concerns

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The report unveils legions of human rights abuses. It draws attention to the serious concerns raised by human rights organisations over the Rwandan government’s use of draconian laws to instil fear into its enemies and suppress legitimate forms of dissent by its rivals.

“Forced Exile”

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The report highlights the fates of those unfortunate enough to be considered opponents of the ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), who have allegedly been “forced into exile or assassinated.”

Pattern of Repression

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It also sheds light on the targeting of LGBTQ+ individuals through illegal arrest and imprisonment, which indicates a broader pattern of repression in a country where the UK government claims asylum seekers, including presumably some fleeing homophobic laws or violence, are safe to be sent to. 

LGBTQ+ Community

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The report addresses several concerns raised by the Health Development Initiative (HDI) regarding the treatment of the LGBTQ+ community in Rwanda.

“Illegal Arrests”

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The HDI reporting stated, “There are still instances of illegal arrests especially when found in bars or streets and later released after a few days of detention and later realising that there is no case to be prosecuted.”

“Strong Authoritarian Grip”

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The report further references Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index (BTI), which paints a stark picture of Rwanda’s political landscape. It is characterised by a “strong authoritarian grip” by the President and his ruling party and an increasingly limited space for dissent. 

“Not Tolerated”

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The BTI report states, “Detractors, particularly those within circles of power, are not tolerated, and many have either been targeted and forced into exile or assassinated. Repression has also been aimed at other forms of opposition, specifically non-RPF political adversaries, journalists and civil society activists.”

Freedom of Expression

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It continued, “There is minimal space for power-sharing, genuine political diversity, an independent and thriving civil society, or freedom of expression.”

2,000 Abuses

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As if these concerns were not damning enough, the report also reveals that Rwanda’s own National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) received almost 2,000 allegations of abuses between July 2019 and June 2022. 

No Abuse

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According to the NCHR, of the more than half that have been investigated, only 34 cases were found in which no abuse had taken place.

Targeted Violence

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Additionally, reports from organisations like Freedom House and Human Rights Watch corroborate instances of disappearances, arbitrary arrests, and targeted violence against activists and journalists.

“Forcibly Disappeared or Killed”

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Freedom House drew attention to one such case, that of Venant Abayisenga, an opposition politician who was “forcibly disappeared or killed” following a court case. 

Long History of Repression

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A 2023 Freedom House report that was included in the Home Office’s most recent report on Rwanda’s human rights abuses stated, “The government has a long history of repressing its political opponents, and members of opposition parties face the threat of disappearance, arbitrary arrest and detention, and assassination.”

Suspicious Death

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In addition, the suspicious death of investigative journalist John Williams Ntwal underscores the targeting of individuals perceived as threats to the government’s authority. 

Documented Cases

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These incidents, along with documented cases of harassment and intimidation, further illustrate the risks faced by those who dare to be critical of the regime.


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The final nail in the government’s argument that Rwanda is a safe country to send asylum seekers to is a reference in the report from the US State Department, which found that the Rwandan government “reportedly sometimes subjected prisoners to torture.”

“Repeatedly Told”

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In response to the publication of the updated report, Natasha Tsangarides, associate director of advocacy at Freedom from Torture, told the Mirror, “We are repeatedly told that Rwanda is a safe third country.”

“Egregious Examples”

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She continued, “Yet the Government’s own report shows egregious examples of human rights abuses, including torture, arbitrary detention, and harsh crackdowns on its LBGTQ+ community. Only recently, the Supreme Court unanimously found this scheme to be unlawful and now, even the Home Office has acknowledged the serious human rights violations in Rwanda.”

Grim Picture

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The Home Office’s latest report paints a grim picture of human rights abuses in Rwanda. It suggests that the disconnect between the disturbing reality on the ground and what the UK government insists is reality is growing. 

Uncertain Future

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However, whether this report will slow or even stop the government’s implementation of the illegal Rwanda Bill remains to be seen.

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