“He’s Making Stuff Up” – Sadiq Khan’s Nemesis Dismisses His Promises on Housing in London

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has promised new council homes in London to defeat the housing crisis, but his Tory opponent claims “he’s making stuff up.”

Khan’s Claims

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has suggested that his Tory opponent would go as far as removing free school meals from the menu if elected.

Khan’s ULEZ Scheme Under Pressure

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Khan has been under scrutiny during his two-term tenure as London Mayor for his contentious ULEZ scheme issuing fines for those driving through certain areas in higher-emission vehicles.

Khan Remains Supported

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Despite the backlash against the scheme, Khan still holds the majority in the polls compared to his Conservative opponent, Susan Hall.

Khan’s Substantial Lead

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Khan is currently leading the polls with a majority of 51%, with Susan Hall sitting in second with a substantially less 27% compared to the Labour candidate.

Sadiq Khan’s Stance

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Sadiq Khan, the incumbent mayor of London, presented the upcoming mayoral election as a “clear two-horse race” between himself and the Conservative candidate.

Khan and a Labour Government

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Khan noted the potential difference he could make to the capital city if he acted alongside a Labour government.

Khan’s Plans Alongside Labour Government

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Khan insisted that the choice that London voters will have come election day on May 2nd is “quite clear”, emphasizing his plans for a more affordable, safer and greener London. 

Khan Cites Reasons for Vote

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Khan claimed that voters should consider him for a third consecutive term for his “fairer, safer, greener, more affordable London.”

Khan Predicts Tory Mayhem

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Khan claimed that the Tories would “Cancel” everything he has worked towards, including free school meals, police investment and job opportunities for “young Londoners.”

Hall’s Campaign Reaction

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Susan Hall’s campaign reacted to Khan’s claims, suggesting they were a “complete distortion of the truth”, claiming in an online post that Hall would “Listen to Londoners.”

“Once in a Generation”

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As it looks more likely that Labour will defeat the Tories in a landslide after 14 years, Khan stressed that the time is now to end the housing crisis in London.

Hopeful for a Labour Government

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Khan insisted, “There’s a possibility of a Labour mayor and a Labour government working together rather than rowing against the tide of a Tory government.”

Potential Council House Rise

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Khan insisted that combining a Labour Mayor with a Labour government would see the “greatest council homebuilding drive in a generation.”

Khan’s Re-Election Pledge

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Khan pledged to build 40,000 new council homes before the end of the decade as part of his promise for a more affordable and greener London.

Hall Says Khan Is “Making Stuff Up”

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Hall dismissed Khan’s promises, claiming that “the Mayor knows” he is distorting the truth and asserting that the London Mayor was “making stuff up.”

Hall’s Assumption on Khan’s Campaign

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Hall’s main point was that Khan is lying “probably because his own record is so appalling that he has nothing else to say” despite Khan meeting his targets for house building last year.

Khan Meeting Targets

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Khan’s 40,000 new council house pledge comes after a successful year that saw him meet previous promises to build 20,000 new council homes before this year.

Hall Accuses Khan of Creating an Illusion

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Hall accused Khan of making promises that are an illusion, suggesting that many of the 40,000 planned homes are already being built.

Khan “Pulling The Wool” Over Public Eyes

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Hall insisted that Khan is “pulling the wool over people’s eyes” due to “pledging a target that mostly consists of existing homes or those already started.”

Khan Set For Mayoral Win

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Despite Hall’s claims of Khan lying about the policies on his campaign, Khan remains set to become Mayor of London for another four years, adding his total up to 12.

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