Gender-Pay Gap: Actresses Stand Up to Being Put Down Over Pay

Oscar-winning British Actress Olivia Colman, best known for her roles in acclaimed films and television series such as “The Favourite” “The Father” “The Crown” and “Heartstopper,” has made headlines this week for speaking out against the gender pay gap in Hollywood.

Making More Money

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Actress Olivia Colman has publicly criticized Hollywood’s gender pay gap and believes she would be making much more money if she were simply a man.

Sharing Her Experiences

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In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, where Colman was discussing her new film, “Wicked Little Letters,” she shared some of her experiences with pay inequality.

Earning More

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Colman told CNN, “I’m very aware that if I was Oliver Colman, I’d be earning a… lot more than I am.”

Twelve Times the Pay

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Colman even revealed that her male counterpart received twelve times as high a salary in one film. She said, “I know of one pay disparity, which was a 12,000% difference. Do the maths.”

Leading Women

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When discussing the disparity, she pointed to the movies that topped the box office this year were often led by women.

The Biggest-Grossing Films

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Colman said, “some of the biggest-grossing films – Barbie, Bridesmaids, Thelma & Louise – are led by women”

The Lie Behind Male Leads

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“People say men get paid more because they get more bums on seats. That’s a lie! It can be proved in the box office. I don’t know why we’re still having to discuss it!” she said.

Bigger Issues

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Colman also touched on broader social issues related to the pay disparity issue, like the double standards for women and their behavior or language on screen.

10- Receiving More Criticism

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Colman believes that men and women could use the same type of behavior and language, but women will always be judged and critiqued more harshly. 

Just Like Men

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On a podcast, Colman said, “If a woman swears, people act shocked. F*** off! Women are human – funny, filthy, loving, caring – just like men.”

Continuing Today

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When discussing her new film “Wicked Little Letters,” a film about explicit, poison pen letters in a 1920s English town, she points out how this sexist criticism was happening in the 1920s and can still be seen today. 

It Still Exists

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When discussing women in older films, Colman said they “are looked at and judged and, unfortunately, that still exists. Trolling is something they did even then, but in the form of letter writing.”

Henson’s Fight

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Actress and star of “The Color Purple”, Taraji P. Henson, also discussed her struggles with receiving equal pay within the film industry in a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Tired of Fighting

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Henson said that she actually “gets tried of fighting” for equal pay in the roles she has taken on throughout her career/

Hensen said, “I’ve been getting paid and I’ve been fighting tooth and nail every project to get that same freaking quote.”

A Slap in the Face

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Hensen then said, “And it’s a slap in the face when people go, ‘Oh girl, you work all the time. You always working.’ Well, godd****t, I have to.”

Paying Bills

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“It’s not because I wish I could do two movies a year, and that’s that. I have to work because the math ain’t mathing. And I have bills.”

Following the Strike

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It is also worth mentioning that these comments come not long after the historic SAG-AFTRA strike last year, which focused on demands for pay raises, artificial intelligence protections, and guaranteed cuts in streaming revenue.

More to be Done

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While the SAG-AFTRA was eventually resolved with studios and writers successfully finding a middle ground, the comments from these actresses and many more like them indicate that there is still much work to be done when it comes to fair pay in Hollywood.

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