Sadiq’s Underwhelming Promise to ULEZ Drivers Ahead of Mayoral Election

As London drivers face fines of up to £12.50 a day in certain areas of the capital, the Mayor has made a promise about the controversial ULEZ scheme ahead of the Mayoral election in May.

Sadiq Khan’s Reassurance

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Sadiq Khan, the current Mayor of London, has made a promise to London voters about Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) restrictions.

Fines For London Drivers

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Khan’s ULEZ restrictions have caused division amongst Londoners who have to pay hefty fines if their vehicles do not meet emission requirements.

Firm Commitment

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Khan stressed that the current regulations, which have already upset his critics, will not see any further restrictions added if he is reelected.

Khan’s Controversial Tenure

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Khan’s announcement comes just weeks before the general election that could see Khan have another four years as London’s controversial Mayor.

Tory Opposition’s Skepticism

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Khan’s main opponent, Tory candidate Susan Hall, has warned the public not to listen to his promises, arguing that he will tighten ULEZ restrictions anyway.

Khan’s Plans to Tackle Air Pollution 

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Khan told Londoners that although he had no plans to tighten ULEZ restrictions, he still wants to go one step further to tackle air pollution.

Khan’s Statement to Londoners

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Khan said in a statement, “There is clearly still more to do to tackle air pollution, and I’m determined to continue leading from the front in London.”

Khan’s “Commitment to Londoners”

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Despite these plans, Khan insisted that his “commitment to Londoners” is not introducing another “pay-per-mile road user charging scheme” 

No Change to ULEZ Scheme

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Khan also pledged that his plans to tackle air pollution in one of Europe’s most populated cities do not involve “amending the standards for the Ulez scheme.”

Defending Controversial Scheme

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Khan defended his hugely controversial ULEZ scheme by calling the charges “necessary and effective” before insisting that it won’t go any further.

Khan Leading in the Polls

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Khan’s statement follows recent polls that showed a significant lead over Hall in the upcoming May 2 mayoral election.

Hall Slams “Worthless” Promises

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Khan’s opposition, Tory candidate Susan Hall, slammed Khan’s promises as “worthless” before accusing the Mayor of London of being “Dishonest.”

Hall’s Accusations of Lies

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Hall went one step further in her critique of Khan, suggesting “Sadiq Khan said he wouldn’t expand Ulez at the last election, then went ahead and did the opposite.”

Khan’s Spending on ULEZ

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Hall’s reasoning for not believing Khan was the alleged “£150 million” that he has already spent on “building the technology for pay per mile.”

Throwing Away £150 Million?

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Hall suggested that “now (Khan) wants us to believe he won’t use it” after Khan’s £150 million spending spree on the scheme.

“Vote For Change”

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Hall insisted that Khan is “taking Londoners for fools and he just won’t listen” adding, “That’s why we need to vote for change on May 2.”

Support from Keir Starmer

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Labour Party leader Keir Starmer expressed solidarity with Khan’s clean air initiatives during a joint campaign event, claiming he supports “everything” that Khan is promoting.

Tory MP Suspended for Khan Accusations

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Khan has been in the news in the last few months after suspended Tory MP Lee Anderson accused the Mayor of allowing “Islamists” to “Control” London.

Tories Having a Hard Time

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After a tumultuous few months for the Tories, the party has not only fallen behind in their bid to have a London Mayor but also in the general election polls.

Labour in Control

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With the Tories falling behind in both elections, it’s looking more likely that Labour will have control of the capital city and the UK by the end of this year.

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