First in Line: UK Confirms Supplying Ukraine With Long-Range Missiles

The UK has confirmed that they have been supplying The Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine at their request. 

Announced in the House of Commons

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Ben Wallace, the UK Defense Secretary, made the announcement in the House of Commons after several pleas from Ukraine requesting more weapons from the West. 

Dark Path for Russia Made the Ultimate UK Decision

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The UK made the decision after Russia continued to target civilian infrastructure in Ukraine stating that Russia continued “down a dark path.”

Procurement Underway

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In February, the UK Prime Minister, Sunak, said that they were willing to send long-range missiles to Ukraine and had started the bidding agreement. 

Sunak Makes UK First Country to Give Longer Range Weapons

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Sunak believes in helping Ukraine defend itself and said “That’s why the United Kingdom will be the first country to give Ukraine longer-range weapons.”

Written Warning Was Issued in Advance

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The UK and Russia had been in contact with Mr Wallace, having written to his Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoigu in December.

Fair Warning Was Overlooked

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Russia received fair and ample warning. Wallace warned Shoigu that further attacks could result in the UK donating more weapons. 

Escalation Needed a Plan

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Mr Wallace went on to explain that the decision to aid weapon supplies could be described as “calibrated and proportionate to Russia’s escalations.”

Long-Range Missiles From UK and US

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Both the US and UK have equipped Ukraine with missiles, trying to give them the “best chance” to defend themselves against Russia. 

Longer Range May Help

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Himars missiles supplied by the US have a range of around 80 km whereas the Storm Shadow cruise missiles which the UK have supplied have a range of over 250 km.

Missiles to Help Push Back on Ukrainian Soil

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The Defence Secretary said that the missiles would “allow Ukraine to push back Russian forces based on Ukrainian sovereign territory.”

Missiles Compatible With Older Planes

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The donated missiles are compatible with Ukraine’s existing Soviet-era planes and Wallace gave due credit to those who made that possible.  

Pilots Safer From Frontline

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The Storm Shadow missiles are fired from a longer range allowing the Ukrainian pilots more distance from the frontlines. 

Russian Missiles in Their Own League

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Wallace emphasized that the missiles are not comparable to those used by Russia as they have been seen to travel further distances. 

Defense Minister Gives His Word

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Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksil Reznikiov stipulated that Ukraine guarantees that the missiles will not be used on Russian territory, but to attack targets on their soil. 

Weapons Used Appropriately

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“Ukraine is ready to provide any guarantees that our weapons will not be involved in attacks on Russian territory,” Reznikov explained. 

Helping Defend From Bombs and Drones

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Mr Sunak was sincere in stating that “Together we must help Ukraine to shield its cities from Russian bombs and Iranian drones.”

Military Response to Weapons

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Kremlin spokesman,  Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow would take an “appropriate” military response to any British-supplied weapons used by Ukraine. 

300 Km‘S Ideal for a Win

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In an EU meeting, they explained that if they could strike at a 300 km range, the Russian army wouldn’t be able to compete and defend themselves and would inevitably lose. 

Invasion Caused Issues 

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None of these measures would have been taken or would be deemed necessary if Russia had not invaded. 

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