Tory Legacy Leaves Shorter, Fatter and Sicker Children

Rising poverty and poor diets are driving a shocking decline in UK children’s health, with heights falling and obesity soaring. Here’s the full story.

Damning Indictment

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In a damning indictment of government inaction over the cost of living crisis, a recent report from The Food Foundation has shown that children in the UK are experiencing a shocking decline in their physical health.

Unbelievable Figures

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The figures are almost unbelievable for a modern, wealthy country, with increasing rates of obesity, shorter stature, and a sharp rise in diet-related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes.

Timebomb of Health Issues

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The alarming trend has been attributed to poor diets, food insecurity, and aggressive marketing of unhealthy food options. The Food Foundation’s report highlights a “timebomb” of avoidable health conditions that have led to a “significant decline, threatening future generations’ well-being.”

Stark Findings

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The findings of the report are as stark as they are damning. It reveals that the average height of five-year-olds in the UK has been declining since 2013, three years after the Conservatives came to power propped up by the Liberal Democrats. This has left UK children some of the shortest among the high-income countries surveyed.

Surge in Childhood Obesity

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Similarly, obesity levels among ten and 11-year-olds have surged by 30% since 2006, with one in five children classified as obese by the time they leave primary school. This trend is exacerbated by the aggressive promotion of ultra-processed foods that lack essential nutrition.

Rise in Type 2 Diabetes

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Diet-related illnesses are on the rise, particularly type 2 diabetes among young people. The Food Foundation report notes a 22% increase in type 2 diabetes cases among individuals under 25 in the past five years. This rise in diabetes, closely linked to obesity, further underscores the rapidly deteriorating health conditions UK children face.

“Combination of Undernutrition and Obesity”

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Michael Marmot, the director of UCL’s Institute of Health Equity, told the Guardian, “We used to think of the combination of undernutrition and obesity as a feature of low and middle income countries. We are now seeing it in Britain in 2024.”

“Fundamental Needs Not Met”

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He added, “Over a century of history has led us to expect continuous improvements in health. Over the last dozen years that has changed. Healthy life expectancy has declined. Quite simply, people’s fundamental human needs are not being met.”

Poverty and Food Insecurity

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The report blames increasing rates of poverty and food insecurity for the massive increase in health issues facing UK children. The Food Foundation report warned that, without government action, the health and poverty crisis “will lead to a generation burdened throughout their lives by diet-related illness and the consequences that brings with it.”

Impact on Mental Health

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The deteriorating health of children is not only a physical issue but also impacts mental health. The report warns that without immediate action, a generation will grow burdened by diet-related illnesses, which will also strain the National Health Service (NHS) and weaken the economy.

“Hungry 2020s in Food Bank Britain”

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Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown told Sky News, “Every mother and father in the land will be concerned and shocked at what is happening to children through lack of nutrition living through the hungry 2020s in food bank Britain.”

Government Criticised

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The Food Foundation’s report is damning in its evaluation of the government’s handling of the crisis, stating that children’s health “has not been taken sufficiently seriously.”

Policy Delays Risk Health

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Despite evidence of worsening children’s health, policies to tackle obesity and junk food, such as bans on aggressive marketing of junk food and a ban on two-for-one junk food deals, have been delayed until 2025. This delay has been criticised for putting children’s long-term health at risk.

Lack of Action

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Experts have also criticised the government for lacking action and seeming to refuse to take the crisis seriously. Jamie Oliver, a prominent chef and food campaigner, stated, “Decades of government neglect has meant kids are suffering from more obesity-related illnesses, leading to average heights shrinking and living shorter lives – they’re not being given the chance to be happy, healthy people.”

“Reverse This Trend”

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He added, “We need to reverse this trend if we’re to have the healthiest generation of kids, and to do that we need to take a serious look at the food that fuels us. And right now, it’s not pretty.”

Stark Warning for Future

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The Food Foundation’s report serves as both a damning indictment and a stark warning about the future health of UK children if immediate action is not taken. The combination of poor diet, aggressive marketing of unhealthy foods, and socioeconomic factors have created a public health crisis which, despite its long-reaching implications, has been ignored by successive governments.

Future Generations at Risk

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As the nation grapples with these challenges, on which the health and well-being of future generations depend, it remains to be seen if this most recent report will prioritise the rapidly deteriorating health of the nation’s children.

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