No Laughing Matter: Sunak Laughs In GP’s Face When Faced With Tough Criticism

A frustrated, out-of-work GP asked the Prime Minister a passionate question on the NHS, to which he laughed in response, outraging the British press and the public.

Prime Minister’s Bad PR

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The Prime Minister, who claims to have the working people’s interests at heart, was seen laughing at a woman as she questioned him on the NHS.

Sunak’s Rally Backfire

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While campaigning at a rally in Wiltshire ahead of the general election, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was being asked a question by a concerned GP.

Healthcare Policy Pressure

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The concerned woman, who claimed to be an out-of-work GP, was putting Sunak under pressure due to a Conservative policy on healthcare.

Sunak’s Controversial Policy

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The policy gives other healthcare professionals such as Pharmacists more rights to offer treatment to patients, allegedly putting professional GPs out of work.

“The NHS Is Disintegrating”

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“The NHS is disintegrating”, the woman told the Prime Minister, “I am one of 2,500 GPs in this country who are currently unemployed due to your policies,” she continued.

GP’s Fiery Rant to PM

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The woman asked the Prime Minister, “What are you going to do about that?” before continuing her passionate rant.

“The Country Is Not Stupid”

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She claimed that the Conservatives would lose 37,000 votes from GPs due to the policy and insisted “The country is not stupid.”

Underqualified Healthcare Providers

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After she insisted that “lesser-qualified people” are being employed to understand complex healthcare situations, the Prime Minister gave his humoured response.

Man Heckles Woman Back and Sunak Responds

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One man standing next to Sunak heckled her back, “Most GPs spend more time on holiday than in the surgery, love.” This resulted in Sunak’s response, which outraged the public.

Sunak’s Fit of Laughter

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Sunak joined the group standing next to him in fits of laughter, enjoying the moment as the patronising male heckler derailed the upset, out-of-work woman.

Sunak Disagrees With Frustrated Heckler

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Once the laughter had died down between the group of Conservatives, Sunak claimed he knew “a thing or two” about healthcare and disagreed with the woman.

Sunak’s Background of Primary Care

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Sunak said, “My dad was a GP but my mum was also a pharmacist, so that is the household I grew up in. My parents dedicated themselves to primary care.”

Sunak Will “Always Support Primary Care”

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Sunak claimed he would “always support primary care” but insisted it was now easier for patients to receive the treatment they need through other practitioners.

Waiting Times in Crisis

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Despite this policy, waiting times for patients to see doctors in the UK are still the highest they have been in a long time, with many unable to schedule appointments for months.

Sunak and Starmer Asked an Important Question

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In a recent TV debate, Prime Minister RIshi Sunak and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer were asked whether they would use the NHS.

Would either Leader Use the NHS?

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The host asked which of the two Party leaders would use the NHS for treatment if they or their family fell ill, and the response showed the public the Prime Minister’s true colours.

Opposing Answers From British Leaders

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Sir Starmer held his hand up, claiming that his mother was a nurse for the NHS and that the British institution was in his blood, while Sunak gave an opposing response.

Sunak Keeps Hands Down on NHS Question

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Sunak kept his hand down and was unable to give a response due to timing, luckily for him, although Starmer’s answer was enough to show the public what they needed to know.

Blair-Style Defeat on Cards

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The Labour Party is hoping to inflict a landslide defeat on the Tories, with polls suggesting a Blair-like result come election day on July 4th.

Sunak’s Woeful Week

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Sunak’s laughter in the face of the frustrated, unemployed GP is just the latest in a string of woeful PR mishaps in the space of a week, after he flew home early from a D-Day memorial.

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