“Things Can Only Get Better” – Starmer Gets Some Good News as Another Tory Defects

Mark Logan, former Conservative MP for Bolton North East, has defected to Labour, citing disillusionment with Tory policies and a desire for renewed optimism in British politics. Here’s the full story.

Bruising Election Campaign

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In a dramatic political twist that will be well received by Keir Starmer’s Labour Party following a bruising few days of increasingly fractious inter-party politicking, Conservative MP Mark Logan has defected to the Labour Party, marking the third such defection in just over a month. 

Bitter Infighting

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The unexpected move has focused attention back on the Conservatives’ own fractious and bitter infighting, which may indicate a shift in public sentiment ahead of the general election on July 4th.

Firmly Aligned

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Logan, the MP for Bolton North East, gave lengthy interviews to the BBC and Sky News, in which he firmly aligned himself with Keir Starmer’s vision for the future. 

Narrow Victory

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Born in Northern Ireland, Mark Logan was elected as the Conservative MP for Bolton North East in 2019, securing a narrow victory with a majority of just 378 votes. 

Red Wall

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This constituency has been a Labour stronghold since 1997 and was part of the famed Red Wall seats, which shifted to the Conservatives during the 2019 election.

Former Diplomat

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His political career is rooted in his experience as a former UK diplomat in China, where he became fluent in Mandarin and Japanese. 

“Things Can Only Get Better”

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In his resignation letter, Logan wrote, “Labour is back, and given how things have been, I believe things can only get better.”

“Much Soul-Searching”

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He continued, “After much soul-searching throughout my first term in parliament, brought to a head with the calling of a snap election last week, I have concluded that we need a new government and I believe the UK will be best served with that government being a Labour government.”

Critical Stance

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One of the main reasons behind Logan’s defection was his critical stance on the UK government’s policies towards the ongoing war in Gaza. 

Outspoken Against Israel

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Representing a constituency with a substantial Muslim population, Logan has been outspoken against the actions of the Israeli government and the UK’s support for them. 

“Gone Too Far”

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In a Commons debate, Logan ruffled feathers in his party by announcing that Israel has “gone too far,” which he followed with calling for an immediate ceasefire.

“No Longer in Good Conscience”

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He told the Commons, “I no longer in good conscience can continue backing in public the line that we have taken on this side of the House, regrettably.”

Closer Alignment

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Logan’s critical perspective aligns closely with Labour’s recent shift towards advocating for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

Amicable Exit

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Though Logan called for voters to switch allegiance, as he has, to Labour, he refrained from attacking or otherwise criticising Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. 

“Head Held High”

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Speaking to the BBC, Logan said that if Rishi Sunak lost the election, he could leave politics with his “head held high.”

“Pull Factor of Keir Starmer”

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He continued, “It’s more about not the push factor of Conservatives, but the pull factor of Keir Starmer, the new cabinet that would come in, the fresh faces, the fresh ideas.”

Uncertain Political Future

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Despite his resignation from the Conservative Party and the uncertainty of his political future, Logan has not ruled out a return to public life. 

Open to Run in the Future

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Labour has already selected a candidate for his former constituency of Bolton North East, but Logan expressed openness to running for Labour in the future. 

Series of Defections

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Logan’s defection is part of a steady series of defections that have seen Conservative MPs moving to Labour, following Natalie Elphicke and Dan Poulter’s similar moves earlier this month. 

Possible Realignment

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This wave of defections suggests a growing disillusionment within the Conservative ranks and a possible realignment of the UK’s political parties. 


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Logan supported this idea in an interview with BBC News, in which he said the Tory party was “unrecognisable” compared to the party he initially joined. 

“I Voted for Labour”

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Logan added, “The first time I voted, I voted for Labour. The next time I vote it will be a vote for Labour.”

Purges and Betrayal

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However, the defection, while ultimately a significant victory for Labour, may worry those on the left of the Labour party, following days of accusations of purges and betrayal, that the party is drifting so far right that Tories feel at home within the party’s ranks. 

Fraying Tempers

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Regardless, Logan’s defection marks another significant milestone in the run-up to the election. The first week of campaigning saw emotions, tempers, and unity among both major parties begin to fray. 

Influencing Other MPs

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As the general election approaches, it remains to be seen if Logan’s move will influence other disillusioned MPs to jump from what many within his former party increasingly consider a sinking ship.

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