Tory Turmoil as Backstage Power Struggles and Ideological Battles Threaten to Upend Party Future

As the Tories face a potential electoral drubbing, backstage power plays and an ideological tug-of-war have emerged within the party. The Popular Conservative movement is scheming to reshape the leadership post-election. Here’s the full story.

Biblical Wipeout

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With the upcoming local elections in May, the Conservatives are looking at a wipeout of biblical proportions if the polls are to be believed. 

Increasingly Twitchy

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As the local elections draw nearer, and with the as-yet-unannounced general election following shortly after, Conservatives are getting increasingly twitchy about losing power in such a historic wipeout. 

Electoral Decimation

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As the prospect of electoral decimation looms, the Conservative Party’s hydra of factions is rife with internal machinations. Different factions vie for power in the post-election wasteland. 

The Edge of Ruin

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Recently, one of the ascendant factions, the increasingly powerful Conservative right wing, has concocted a plot to install a leader who takes after the deposed Liz Truss, who was ousted after her libertarian policies brought the country to the edge of ruin. 

Shift to the Right

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This move would signal a shift further to the right in opposition, as the plotters believe Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s more centre-right policies have led the party over the precipice. 

Popular Conservative Movement

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The scheme to install a new leader has been spearheaded by the so-called Popular Conservative (PopCons) movement, which will attempt to reshape the party’s trajectory and ideology following what is widely expected to be an electoral bloodbath. 

Free-Market Libertarians

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The PopCons faction, whose inception began with a supportive speech from Truss, advocates for its free-market libertarian faction to become the Conservative party’s de facto ideology. 

Leadership Contest

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Led by former Institute for Economic Affairs director Mark Littlewood, the group aims to solidify its hold over the party by electing a leader who shares its political beliefs in the event of a leadership contest following the election. 

Electoral Meltdown

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As polls continue to predict electoral meltdown for the Conservatives at the next election, potential leadership contenders are already beginning manoeuvres behind the scenes. 

“There’s a War Going On”

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Priti Patel, who has twice been found in breach of the ministerial code over backroom deals with Israel and accusations of bullying, has emerged as the preferred candidate among PopCons. Sources close to the MP told The Times, “There’s a war going on, and we’re going to win it. We need to reinvigorate the free market perspective within the Conservative party.”

“Priti’s Leadership Bid”

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Another source told the paper, “Team Liz are comfortable with PopCon being in part an apparatus for Priti’s leadership bid. She’s Liz’s preferred candidate, no doubt.”

Rise to Prominence

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With Rishi Sunak’s possible resignation after the election, Patel is positioned as a prominent figure for the party’s right-wing faction.

Urging Caution

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However, some voices within the party urge caution against a pronounced shift to the right following the widely expected electoral defeat. 

Lessons Not Learned

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One unnamed source told the Independent that a drift further to the right would see the party repeating past mistakes, signalling a “failure to learn the lesson of 1997.”

Failure to Connect

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In 1997, under the leadership of William Hague, the Conservatives shifted rightward. This was well received by the Conservative base but failed to connect with the prevailing mood in the country at the time. 

Alienating the Electorate

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Critics warn against alienating the broader electorate to appease core supporters, a potential mix of factors they claim would send the party into a “doom spiral.”

“Doom Spiral”

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With the disastrous tenure of Hague’s leadership serving as a cautionary tale, some within the Conservative party have criticised the PopCon’s current plans for the party. 

Factional Infighting

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However, the Conservative party is so riven by factionalism that, often, such voices cannot be heard over the much louder pronouncements of the right wing of the party, which has considerable support from the country’s right-wing newspapers. 

Speculation Abounds

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Amidst the internal maneuvering, Conservative plotting is taking place in full public view, and speculation abounds regarding potential challengers and contenders for leadership positions. 

Alliances Formed, Alliances Broken

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While figures like Grant Shapps, Penny Mordaunt, Suella Braverman, and Robert Jenrick are touted as possible candidates, the field remains fluid. Alliances form and break almost as fast as they can be made. 

Conservative Soul

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Despite ruling out her bid for leadership, Liz Truss remains a central figure in the battle for the Conservative Party’s soul. 

Disastrous Stance

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Her alignment with PopCons and advocacy for her seemingly disastrous libertarian stance continue to influence party dynamics and alliances. 

“Lack of Political Support”

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For her part, Truss has attempted a robust defence of her calamitous time as Prime Minister by stating that she was “not given a realistic chance to enact my policies by a very powerful economic establishment, coupled with a lack of political support.”

Knives Drawn

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As the Conservative Party stares at its potential unedifying defeat in the face, knives are being drawn for the current leader as new contenders struggle to be the ones who lead the Conservative Party out of its current political malaise. 

Lasting Impact

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Whether the party continues its swing to the right or takes a more Cameroonian turn for the centre remains to be seen, but the consequences of the decision will have a lasting impact on the party’s electoral viability in the future.

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