Trump, Farage, and Tory Panic: Conservative MPs Eye Up Diplomatic Roles for Farage Amid Electoral Pressure

In the face of mounting electoral pressure from the Reform Party, Conservative MPs are reportedly considering offering Nigel Farage diplomatic roles or peerages, sparking internal debate and underscoring the deep-seated anxiety within the Conservative Party. Here’s the full story.

Growing Unease

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As the Conservatives eye the upcoming election with growing unease, their MPs are becoming increasingly more desperate for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to see off the considerable threat posed to them by Reform UK.

Wipeout Likely

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Consistent polling shows a likely wipeout for the Conservatives at the May local and general elections, which are widely expected to be held in the autumn. 

Unlikely Strategies

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Conservative MPs have found themselves entertaining several unlikely strategies to lessen the extent of the predicted defeat. 

Hail Mary

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The latest Hail Mary suggestions from Conservative MPs are bold, to say the least.

They propose offering Nigel Farage, who is honorary president of Reform UK, the job of ambassador to the United States or potentially offering him a peerage in exchange for Reform UK standing down at the upcoming election. 

Splitting the Vote

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This would prevent the genuine risk of the conservative vote being split at the election, which could offer other parties an easier chance at victory. 

Reform UK

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This move reflects the deepening concerns within Tory ranks regarding the growing influence of the Reform party, led by Farage, and its potential to disrupt the traditional political landscape.

Broker a Deal

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Worried by the Reform party’s increasing popularity, some Tory MPs have turned to Prime Minister Sunak, urging him to broker a deal with Farage. 

“Terrified Tories”

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However, Reform rebuffed these overtures, denouncing them as desperate attempts by “terrified Tories” to salvage their electoral prospects. 

Eyeing Nervously

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Despite this rejection, the Tories remain steadfast in pursuing strategies to counter the Reform threat, as they eye the upcoming election with nervous anticipation.

Surge in Support

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Recent polling data has only heightened Conservative anxieties, indicating a surge in support for Reform. 

Red Wall Crumbling

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With YouGov reporting a notable 16 per cent vote share for Reform, just five points behind the Tories, and particularly concerning trends emerging in northern “Red Wall” constituencies, where Reform has overtaken the Tories in popularity, the urgency for decisive action has only intensified within Conservative circles.

US Ambassador

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Amidst the panicked discussions of potential concessions, one suggestion gaining traction is appointing Nigel Farage as the UK’s ambassador to the US. 

Two Peas in a Pod

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Proponents argue that Farage’s existing rapport with former President Donald Trump could prove invaluable in fostering bilateral relations between the two nations. 

“An Excellent Ambassador”

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However, logistical and political feasibility hurdles temper the enthusiasm for this proposal, as Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg explained: “Nigel would be an excellent ambassador in the event of Trump being re-elected in November.”

Trump and Tories

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He added, “I think it requires both Trump and the Tories to win, and our elections may well coincide, so I don’t think it would arise.”

Mixed Reactions

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The prospect of forging an agreement with Farage has elicited mixed responses within the Conservative Party. 

Olive Branch

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While some advocate for extending an olive branch to mitigate the Reform threat, others remain sceptical, citing the grudge that formed between Farage and the Conservative Party under the leadership of disgraced Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

Breaking Point

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Boris Johnson’s failure to acknowledge Farage’s role in the 2019 general election, when the Brexit party stood down its MPs to grant the Conservatives an easier victory, strained their relationship to breaking point, rendering any potential reconciliation efforts considerably more challenging.

“I Am Not for Sale”

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Unperturbed by the Tories’ overtures, Farage has remained resolute, stating, “I am not for sale. If the Conservative Party were sincere they would have sent me to the USA in 2017.”

“A Political Bribe”

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Reform’s spokesperson condemned the proposed deals, stating, “What they are suggesting is a political bribe. The Tories have been offering him those since about the year 2000; it didn’t work then, so why would they think it might work now? It might be sensible to offer him a peerage or would have been in 2016, but for his achievements, not as a down-payment for the betrayal of everything he stands for.”

“Terrified Tories”

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They added: “It might be sensible to offer him the ambassador’s job because he is the only person in UK politics with a good relationship with Donald Trump, but not because some terrified Tories think it might save their rotten hides.”

Coming Apart

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The latest plans by some of the Conservative party’s more easily spooked MPs suggest a party unaccustomed to losing coming apart at the seams when faced with the prospect of defeat. 

Fever Dream

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Any notion of attempting to bring Farage back into the Conservative fold can only be seen as the frenzied fever dream of MPs who are nervous about losing their seats at the upcoming election, with about as much chance of coming to pass. 

Through the Looking Glass

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While the proposal to offer Nigel Farage diplomatic roles or peerages represents one of the more bizarre attempts by Conservative MPs to address the Reform party’s ascendance, it also underscores the party’s deep-seated anxieties regarding its dismal electoral prospects.

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