Leaked Intel Shows UK Troops Fighting in Ukraine

A leaked conversation has revealed the alleged involvement of British soldiers in the Ukraine conflict, sparking diplomatic tensions and raising questions about Western military support. Here’s the full story.

Fog of War

In modern warfare, it can be difficult to tell what is true and what is not, with each side leveraging information to confuse or distract their opponents. However, despite the long list of attempts by the Kremlin to influence the narrative of the war being waged against Ukraine. 

British troops are reportedly assisting Ukrainian forces in firing long-range Storm Shadow missiles “on the ground” in Ukraine. The news was not released officially but was revealed via a Russian leak of a confidential call among German Air Force officers.

Putin’s Claims

The development has stirred controversy in Russia, where Putin has long claimed that the Western nation’s aid to Ukraine amounts to more than just money and ammunition. 

The leak, confirmed as genuine by German officials, reveals a conversation among Luftwaffe officers discussing the potential use of Taurus missiles to target the Kerch Bridge, connecting Russia with occupied Crimea. 

In the leaked conversation, Lt Gen Ingo Gerhartz mentions British soldiers’ involvement in mission planning and deployment of Storm Shadow missiles, a level of engagement by UK forces in the war that many suspected but which was only officially announced recently. 

Direct Involvement

Wasting no time, the Kremlin seized upon the leak, using it to prove the direct involvement of Western powers in the Ukrainian conflict. This would greatly help Putin and his army, giving them a convenient scapegoat on which to blame for the poor performance of the Russian troops. 

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson for the Kremlin, stated that the leaked recording proves “the direct involvement of the collective West in the conflict in Ukraine.”


Despite some initial scepticism, the authenticity of the leaked conversation is not in question. The leaked discussion, recorded on an insecure platform by Russian hackers before being passed on to the Russian propaganda channel RT, points to potential vulnerabilities in communication channels among military officials.

Former British Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood expressed frustration and embarrassment over the leak, both for the UK and for Germany, but stressed that embarrassment should not stop both countries from having serious conversations about “why this happened in the first place.”

Ellwood suggested that while Russia likely knew about the British presence in Ukraine due to extensive espionage activities, the leak prompted a need for diplomatic discussions between Germany, Britain, and NATO.


Just last week, Britain confirmed the presence of a limited number of personnel in Ukraine, although the nature of their tasks remains undisclosed. Concerns over potential escalations prompted caution in revealing the extent of British involvement in the ongoing conflict. 

The revelation came at a particularly fraught moment for Western supporters of Ukraine, with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressing his reluctance to provide Taurus missiles to Ukraine due to the need for German nationals on the ground to teach the Ukrainians how to use the weapons.

Internal Deliberations

The leaked conversation also sheds light on Germany’s internal deliberations regarding military support for Ukraine. The reluctance to engage directly in combat activities while providing military assistance poses a dilemma for German politicians. 

Discussions within the German military revolve around finding alternative solutions, such as training Ukrainian soldiers to operate Taurus missiles without direct German involvement.

The conversation among German officers delves into the technical aspects of targeting strategic infrastructure such as the Kerch Bridge, Russia’s main supply route to the occupied Crimean peninsula. 

Despite several attempts, Ukrainian forces have been unable to destroy the bridge. On the leaked phone call, one of the German officers admits it would take up to twenty missiles to destroy it completely. 

Strategic Timing

Opposition figures in Germany suggested that the leak was strategically timed to undermine discussions about German military support for Ukraine. 

Roderich Kiesewetter, a German military expert, suggested that the leak was timed to distract international attention from the murder of Alexei Navalny, which many believe was carried out on direct orders from Putin. 

The leaked conversation revealing British soldiers’ alleged involvement in Ukraine serves to show that in modern warfare, every aspect of life is, in its own way, a battlefield that can be leveraged to achieve military or political gains. 

With continuing support for Ukraine looking more questionable, the closer Donald Trump gets to the White House, the leak serves as a stark reminder of the high stakes involved in international military actions. 

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