UK’s LAST 16 Safe Havens – Counties Where You Can Still Leave Your Door Unlocked

In an age where the evening news often feels like a horror movie trailer, finding a peaceful corner in the UK is like discovering a secret garden. Here’s our guide to the 16 safest counties in the UK, where life’s biggest quandary might be choosing between jam or cream first on your scone.

#16. Wiltshire

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Wiltshire’s rolling hills and ancient stone circles provide more than just a picturesque backdrop; they offer one of the most secure environments in the country. Here, the echoes of druid chants are likely the only thing that might disturb the peace.

#15. Surrey

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Surrey, with its affluent villages and leafy suburbs, is as safe as it is scenic. It’s a place where the greatest risk might come from a poorly aimed golf ball rather than anything more sinister.

#14. Sussex

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Spanning from the bustling Brighton coast to the tranquil South Downs, Sussex is a testament to balance—offering vibrant life without compromising on safety. The only thing to watch out for is the seagulls eyeing your lunch.

#13. Norfolk

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Norfolk’s broads and beaches are not just a haven for boaters and birdwatchers but a bastion of calm and security. The most alarming event might just be the annual invasion of holidaymakers.

#12. Somerset

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With its cider orchards and ancient festivals, Somerset is as safe as it is mystical. Here, the only spirits you’ll encounter are those distilled locally or perhaps the odd ghost of Glastonbury.

#11. Powys, Wales

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In the heart of Wales, Powys offers vast, unspoiled landscapes where the stars light up the night sky, unchallenged by urban crime rates. It’s a county where the sheep far outnumber any potential troublemakers.

#10. The Scottish Borders

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The Scottish Borders, with their rich history and stunning scenery, offer a retreat where safety is as inherent as the rolling hills. Local tales of Border Reivers are now just stories told by the fireside.

#9. Cumbria

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Beyond its lakes and fells, Cumbria harbors a sense of security that’s as comforting as a hot cuppa after a rainy hike. It’s a region where the local wildlife is more bustling than the crime scene.

#8. Devon

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In Devon, the dual coastlines and the wilds of Dartmoor serve as a backdrop to one of the safest counties, where community spirit is as strong as the local ale.

#7. North Yorkshire

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From the historic streets of York to the tranquil dales, North Yorkshire pairs its vast beauty with an equally vast sense of safety, making it a sanctuary for those seeking respite from urban clamor.

#6. Gloucestershire

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Gloucestershire’s blend of forested hills and regal towns like Cheltenham and Gloucester provide a tapestry of safety and culture. Here, the most pressing issue might be navigating the throngs at the Cheltenham Festival.

#5. Rutland

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As England’s smallest county, Rutland proves that good things—and safe places—come in small packages. Its tranquility is matched only by the size of its community heart.

#4. Suffolk

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Suffolk’s charm lies not just in its quintessential English landscapes but in its low crime rates, making it a pastoral idyll where the greatest disturbance might be the dawn chorus.

#3. Dyfed, Wales

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Dyfed, with its sprawling national parks and ancient castles, isn’t just a journey back in time; it’s a leap into a safer, more serene reality where the past’s turbulence has given way to present tranquility.

#2. Dorset

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Dorset’s dramatic coastline and rural retreats serve as a haven from the hustle and bustle, where safety is as solid as the Jurassic Coast’s cliffs.

#1. Orkney Islands, Scotland

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Topping our list, the Orkney Islands are a beacon of safety, where community and culture intertwine, creating a sanctuary that stands apart. Here, the crime rate is so low, it’s the seals and puffins that run the show, making it the UK’s safest county.

Safe Havens

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Evdokimov Maxim

In these bastions of calm and safety, the pace of life may be slower, but the quality is unmatched. “Tranquil Triumphs” showcases that security doesn’t have to be a rarity. Did your county make the list, or is it time to consider a move to where the grass is not just greener but safer too?

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