Unite Now: Sunak Warns Tories of Election Annihilation If They Don’t Close Ranks

The Conservative Party now faces its highest number of byelection defeats within a single parliamentary term since the 1960s, leading Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to make a desperate plea for unity. Here’s the full story.

Devastating Defeat

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Following the devastating defeat of the Conservative Party in the recent byelections in Wellingborough and Kingswood, Rishi Sunak has written a frank column in The Spectator, acknowledging the challenges ahead for the Conservative Party. 

Majorities Overturned

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The scale of the defeats in the byelection was impressive, with Labour overturning considerable majorities in both seats to secure victory. 

Rallying Cry

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In response to these setbacks, Sunak’s column was a rallying cry to conservative voters, urging them to unite against the threat of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer. 

Conservative Solidarity

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Sunak went to great lengths to emphasize the importance of conservative solidarity, a rarity in recent years within a party which seems intent on tearing itself apart. 

“A Brighter Future”

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“The Conservative family must come together to defeat Labour and ensure a brighter future for our country. A vote for anyone other than the Conservatives will just help Starmer,” Sunak wrote. 

The Promise of Progress

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Despite the recent news that Britain had officially entered a recession, with anemic growth and a cost of living crisis which continues unabated, Sunak tried to sound confident, promising progress and security under his leadership. 

“Security and Opportunity”

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“Later this year, we will have a general election that will decide who governs our country. I am confident that by then we will have made more progress, that the plan will be delivering the security and opportunity that people crave,” Sunak stated. 

Tory Promises

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Sunak stuck to conservative talking points throughout the piece, with promises of lower taxes and an anti-immigration dog whistle, an apparent attempt to win back some voters who had drifted from the Conservatives to Reform UK.

“The Conservative Family”

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Sunak wrote: “At the next election, I will need the support of everyone who wants lower taxes and secure borders because the alternative, Keir Starmer, believes in neither of those things. The Conservative family must come together to defeat Labour and ensure a brighter future for our country. A vote for anyone other than the Conservatives will just help Starmer.”

Controversies Abound

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A series of controversies within the Conservative party triggered the recent byelections. 


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Former MP Peter Bone was suspended following accusations that he had sexually harassed and bullied a member of his staff. 

Byelection Called

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The allegations were investigated, and an inquiry found Bone guilty, leading to his suspension and a byelection being called. 

The Rare Environmentalist Conservative

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Chris Skidmore resigned in protest over government proposals to increase oil and gas exploration and drilling in the North Sea. 

Internal Conflicts

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The wins for Labour followed a series of internal conflicts over the Israel-Palestine war in the Middle East. 

Suspended MP

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Labour’s candidate for Rochdale, Azhar Ali, had made a series of comments accusing Israel of allowing Hamas to attack on October 7th, leading to Israel occupying Gaza. 

Support Withdrawn

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Following an outcry from inside and outside the Labour Party, Labour withdrew their support for Ali. 

Much-Needed Boost

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Following this controversy, the recent byelection wins for Labour provided a much-needed boost for the party. 

“Crying Out For Change”

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Keir Starmer was elated following the twin victories, stating, “I think there is a message now from these byelections… I think the country is crying out for change. Everybody knows that. Things aren’t working. Their NHS isn’t working. They’ve got a cost-of-living crisis. I think they’ve concluded that the Tories have failed after 14 years.”

Change of Plan

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The byelection losses intensified pressure on Sunak from within his party to reconsider the government’s approach. 

Fever Pitch

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The calls from within the Conservative Party for tax cuts and a considerably stricter stance on immigration, both of which are red meat for the conservative base, rose to a fever pitch. 

Reform UK

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The conservatives calling for a change of tack are undoubtedly worried about an insurgent Reform UK party, which positions itself as unashamedly further to the right than the Conservative Party. 

Historic Defeat

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The sheer magnitude of the losses by the Conservatives cannot be overstated, with the Tories having a higher number of byelection losses than any other government within a single parliamentary term since the era of Harold Wilson’s Labour administration in the 1960s.

Low Turnout

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However, the government attempted to downplay these historic losses, citing low turnout and disinterested voters. 

Wake-Up Call

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As the Conservative Party continues to thrash around in the throes of near death, the recent byelection results will serve as a wake-up call to many in the Tory Party. 

More to Come

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However, with signs of weak leadership so plentiful and a resurgent Labour party seemingly knocking on the doors of government, many Tories smell blood in the water, and a party that famously does not take defeat well is bracing itself for more to come. 

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