EU Who? 20 Ways to Get Over Brexit Once and For All

As Brexit continues to ripple through our daily lives, frustration can run high. Whether you’re a Remainer mourning the loss or a Leaver tired of the fallout, it’s crucial to find ways to move past the anger. But how can one manage the persistent Brexit blues?

1. Limit Doomscrolling

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Staying informed doesn’t mean marinating in the misery. Give yourself permission to skip the tenth article about fishing rights—it’s okay, the fish aren’t going anywhere.

2. Debunk Brexit Bants

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When Uncle Bob brings up ‘sovereignty’ at the dinner table, be ready with a well-researched quip or two. Nothing eases tension like a good fact-check in the face of festive family fallacies.

3. Support Local, Think Continental

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Invest in your local community by buying from businesses that hurt from Brexit. Bonus points if the business owner has a delightful European accent.

4. Embrace European Culture

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Throw a Eurovision party, binge Spanish dramas, or cook a big Italian meal. Show that no amount of political tomfoolery can dull your cosmopolitan spirit.

5. Troll With Care on Twitter

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Dive into the Twitter fray with your wits sharpened and your memes ready, but remember: the block button is your friend when faced with pro-Brexit trolls.

6. Activism as Therapy

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Channel your frustrations into peaceful protests, sign petitions, and join movements that reflect your pro-EU stance. Rage can be quite productive when it’s organised.

7. Mindfulness: It’s Not Just for Hippies

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Try mindfulness apps with a British twist. Nothing quite like a meditation session guided by the soothing sounds of rain… in a queue… while discussing the weather.

8. Brexit Diary: Vent It Out

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Keep a Brexit diary. Document every absurd twist and turn. Future generations will thank you, or at least have a good laugh at the historical mess.

9. Balanced Media Diet

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For every hard-hitting Brexit disaster piece, read a travel article about the Azores. Keep the dream alive!

10. Find Your Brexit Buddy

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Connect with fellow Remainers who share your despair. There’s comfort in numbers, especially when those numbers are discussing the odds of rejoining the EU.

11. Get Legal Savvy

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Educate yourself on the actual impacts of Brexit. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it might just save you from another misguided rant at the pub.

12. Turn Anger Into Art

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Create something beautiful from your Brexit blues. Paint, write, dance out your feelings. If nothing else, you’ll have a vibrant new hobby.

13. Satire Is Your Friend

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Indulge in British satire. Shows like “Have I Got News For You” can provide comic relief by poking fun at the very politicians who championed Brexit.

14. Keep in Touch With the Continent

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Maintain friendships with people across Europe. Remind yourself that relationships know no borders, even if your passport now does.

15. Celebrate British Resilience

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Focus on stories of Brits and businesses that are navigating post-Brexit challenges with grace and humour. Inspiration is contagious.

16. Remember: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

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Accept that Brexit is a long game. Stay engaged, stay hopeful, and maybe stash some euros under the mattress, just in case.

17. Support Impartial Journalism

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Back media that strives for truth over sensationalism. A well-informed public is an empowered public.

18. Rediscover the UK

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Travel around the UK and rediscover its beauty. It’s like a staycation, but with stronger opinions about marmalade.

19. Embrace the Absurd

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When all else fails, lean into the absurdity of the situation. Sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from crying.

20. Cultivate Acceptance

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Work on accepting the new status quo while fighting for what you believe in. Change might come slowly, but hope dies last.

Surviving Post-brexit With a Smile

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Let’s face it, Brexit might not be the breakup we wanted, but it’s the breakup we’ve got. By keeping our wits sharp and our spirits high, we can navigate this brave new world with resilience and maybe, just maybe, a bit of that famous British humour.

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