Thanks, Brexit – 20 Ways Your Retirement Plans Have Been Impacted

Brexit has left its mark on nearly every aspect of British life, including how we plan for those golden years of retirement. From pensions to property, here’s a rundown of how stepping away from the EU has reshaped retirement planning in the UK.

1. Fluctuating Pension Values

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The uncertainty surrounding Brexit has led to fluctuations in the stock market, impacting the value of pension funds that are invested in equities. For some, this means reassessing their retirement age and contributions.

2. Changes in State Pension Uplifts

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For British retirees living in the EU, the guarantee of the annual state pension increase—a benefit of the EU’s social security agreement—was in doubt, though agreements have mostly been reached to preserve this uplift.

3. Uncertainty for Expats

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UK expats living in the EU have faced uncertainty regarding their residency and rights, which has implications for access to local healthcare and other services crucial for retirees.

4. Exchange Rate Variability

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The pound has seen significant volatility since the Brexit vote, affecting the value of pensions for retirees who draw their income in pounds but spend in euros or other currencies.

5. Access to Healthcare Abroad

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Retirees in the EU used to rely on the EHIC card for health services, covered by the UK. Post-Brexit, while some provisions have been made, there are more hoops to jump through to secure similar benefits.

6. Property Market Shifts

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Brexit has influenced the UK property market, impacting decisions on buying or selling properties, both domestically and in Europe—a key consideration for those looking to downsize or relocate in retirement.

7. Pension Transfers

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Transferring pensions abroad has become more complex and sometimes less favourable financially due to changes in cross-border pension rules and potential taxes.

8. Rising Health Costs

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The NHS has experienced staffing shortages and increased demand, potentially driving up private health care costs—a significant factor for retirees.

9. Investment Income Changes

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Interest rate volatility and changes in investment landscapes can affect returns on savings used to supplement pensions, requiring more active management of retirement funds.

10. Changes in Consumer Rights

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Retirement involves significant consumption of goods and services, and changes in consumer rights post-Brexit could impact costs and access to these, especially in terms of cross-border transactions.

11. Travel Restrictions

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Free movement was one of the EU’s pillars, and its end means retirees now face more bureaucracy when travelling or staying long-term in the EU, affecting those who split their time between locations.

12. Increased Cost of Living

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Inflation and changes in trade agreements have pushed up prices on some goods and services, potentially stretching retirement budgets further.

13. Savings Interest Rates

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Interest rates have seen a rollercoaster effect influenced by Brexit, impacting the growth of retirement savings in bank accounts or fixed-income investments.

14. Impact on Inheritance

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New rules and regulations around inheritance—including properties in the EU—can complicate matters for retirees planning to leave assets to family members across borders.

15. Legal and Financial Advice

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The need for specialized legal and financial advice has increased, as retirees need to navigate the complexities of living, investing, and retiring in and out of the UK.

16. Early Retirement Considerations

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Economic uncertainties and job market changes have led some to consider early retirement, while others postpone it to build larger pension pots.

17. Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS)

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Changes in the regulation and treatment of QROPS have meant reconsidering this once popular option for transferring UK pension wealth overseas.

18. Taxation Changes

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Different tax implications on pensions and investments, both in the UK and abroad, mean retirees must be more vigilant about their tax planning.

19. Financial Planning Complexity

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The overall complexity of financial planning has increased, requiring more robust strategies and perhaps more professional guidance than before.

20. Emotional and Psychological Impact

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Beyond finances, the emotional and psychological impact of Brexit on retirees planning to spend their retirement in the UK or abroad has been significant, affecting decisions about where and how to retire.

Stay Informed

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Navigating retirement in a post-Brexit world means staying informed and adaptable as the landscape continues to evolve.

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