Drowning: The 15 Wettest Counties in the UK

Brace yourselves for an inverted stroll through the UK’s most drenched landscapes, a journey where sunshine is the guest and rain reigns supreme. If you’ve ever pondered where in the UK your umbrella might earn its keep, or where your wellies would become less accessory and more necessity, you’ve found the right list.

15. Lancashire

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Kicking off at number fifteen, Lancashire showcases the kind of persistent precipitation that could dampen spirits if not for the resilient local cheer. Here, discussing the nuances of rain is as integral to social interaction as commenting on the quality of a good brew.

14. Snowdonia

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Venturing into Wales, Snowdonia presents itself as a natural water feature, where the rain adds an almost mythical quality to the landscape. It’s the kind of place where you learn to appreciate the sound of water in all its forms, from drizzle to downpour.

13. Argyll and Bute

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Scotland’s contribution to our list begins with Argyll and Bute, a region where rain feels like the default weather setting. The locals, accustomed to their aquatic ambiance, have turned waterproofing into an art form.

12. Cumbria

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Cumbria, with its legendary Lake District, proves that water attracts more water. Visitors here quickly learn that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing choices.

11. Devon

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In Devon, the rain serves as a reminder that green landscapes don’t come free. This county’s lush countryside owes its vibrancy to the frequent showers that visit, much to the delight of gardeners and the dismay of picnickers.

10. Cornwall

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Cornwall’s position on the list is a testament to the fact that even the UK’s surfing paradise isn’t immune to the rains. Here, the weather can turn from beach-ready to storm-chasing in the blink of an eye.

9. Somerset

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Somerset, with its levels and moors, offers a watery landscape even before the skies open up. The local folklore is rich with tales of rains that transform paths into rivers and fields into lakes.

8. North Yorkshire

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In North Yorkshire, the rain sculpts the landscape, from the rolling moors to the rugged coastline. It’s a place where a sunny day is celebrated but never expected.

7. West Sussex

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Not to be outdone, West Sussex presents a blend of coastal dampness and inland showers. The rain here is not just a weather condition; it’s a conversation starter, a mood setter, and an ever-present backdrop.

6. Northumberland

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Approaching the top five, Northumberland stands proud, a testament to the beauty that constant rain can create. Castles and coastlines alike wear the weather as a cloak, adding to their mystique.

5. Isle of Skye

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Skye, with its dramatic cliffs and moody landscapes, embraces the rain like an old friend. It’s a place where the weather adds layers to the beauty, making every view picture-postcard perfect, albeit a wet postcard.

4. Wester Ross

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Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands is where rain becomes an epic, shaping mountains and filling lochs. The locals talk about the weather the way others might discuss sports or politics: with passion and expertise.

3. Fort William

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Near the top, Fort William is a place where umbrellas face their ultimate challenge. Known as the UK’s outdoor capital, it’s also unofficially one of the wettest, making any outdoor adventure here a testament to human resilience against the elements.

2. Lake District (Overall)

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The Lake District deserves a special mention for its commitment to keeping the UK damp. It’s a stunningly beautiful region that has made peace with its perpetual moistness.

1. Wasdale, Cumbria

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Crowning our list, Wasdale in Cumbria takes the title of the wettest spot in the UK. This is where rain is not just weather; it’s a lifestyle. The sheer volume of water that falls from the skies here would be enough to make even a duck think twice about venturing out.

Embrace the Damp

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Keith Heaton

Whether this list inspires you to don your wellies and head out into the great, wet yonder, or simply to curl up indoors with a warm cuppa, it’s clear the rain isn’t going anywhere. So, why not embrace it? After all, without a bit of rain, how would we ever appreciate the sun?

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