Kier Starmer: 21 Reasons Why Boring Will Be Better

With Keir Starmer now in Number 10, many are finding his leadership style refreshingly calm compared to the whirlwind of past administrations. But does boring mean better governance? Here are the reasons why Starmer’s measured approach could be a win for the UK.

1. Stability Over Scandal

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Unlike Boris Johnson, whose tenure was marred by parties during lockdowns and numerous personal scandals, Starmer promises a drama-free leadership focused on governance, not gossip.

2. Predictability in Policy

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Starmer’s approach is predictable and methodical, offering clear, stable policies rather than the erratic decision-making that sometimes characterized the previous government.

3. Economic Steadiness

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With the UK facing economic challenges post-Brexit and post-pandemic, Starmer’s less dramatic, more thoughtful economic strategy could provide the steadiness businesses and markets need.

4. Focus on Serious Issues

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Starmer’s “boring” focus means attention stays on serious issues like health care reform and climate change, rather than personal controversies.

5. International Reputation

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A more reserved and consistent leader can help restore the UK’s international reputation, which took hits during Johnson’s unpredictable and often controversial foreign policy maneuvers.

6. Trust in Leadership

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Starmer’s lack of personal drama could restore public trust in leadership, crucial after the trust-eroding incidents of the Johnson era.

7. Media Concentration on Policy

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Media focus can shift from personal scandals to substantive policy discussions, leading to better-informed citizens.

8. Parliamentary Decorum

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Starmer’s leadership could bring a tone of decorum back to Parliament, contrasting with the often tumultuous sessions under Johnson.

9. Detail-Oriented Governance

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Starmer’s attention to detail promises thorough and well-considered policies, avoiding the pitfalls of poorly planned initiatives.

10. Long-Term Planning

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His methodical nature suits long-term planning over quick fixes, crucial for issues like climate change and social welfare reforms.

11. Reduced Public Fatigue

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With less scandal fatigue, public engagement might increase as people pay more attention to policy than to politics.

12. Professional Civil Service

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Starmer’s style encourages a professional civil service environment, moving away from the cronyism alleged in earlier administrations.

13. Health Sector Reform

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Focused on substantial NHS reforms without the distraction of constant political firefighting, Starmer could address deep-seated issues like waiting times and funding.

14. Serious International Dialogues

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His straightforward style is better suited for serious international dialogues on trade, security, and diplomacy.

15. No Knee-Jerk Reactions

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Starmer’s calm approach means fewer knee-jerk political reactions to crises, allowing for more effective long-term solutions.

16. Empowering Experts

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Likely to empower experts rather than sideline them, Starmer’s leadership could enhance the role of scientific and economic advice in policy-making.

17. Legal and Orderly Governance

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As a former lawyer, Starmer respects legal frameworks, promising an orderly governance style, crucial for maintaining democratic integrity.

18. Focus on Domestic Issues

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His grounded approach allows for a concentrated effort on pressing domestic issues, without the distractions of personal drama.

19. Sustainable Environmental Policies

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Starmer’s commitment to detailed policy work could lead to more sustainable and effective environmental policies, a contrast to past governments’ sometimes superficial commitments.

20. Reinforced Checks and Balances

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A predictable leader reinforces checks and balances within government, reducing the risk of overreach seen under more charismatic, rule-bending leaders.

21. Improved Public Services

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With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, Starmer’s governance could see improved delivery of public services, benefiting everyday citizens.

Embracing the Mundane

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In a world where political drama often overshadows real issues, Keir Starmer’s “boring” leadership might just be the breath of fresh air needed. It’s not about the flash; it’s about the foundation—and a steady hand might be just what’s required to rebuild a stronger, more resilient Britain.

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