BBC Forced to Apologise to Outraged Reform UK

The BBC has apologized for labelling Reform UK as ‘far right,’ despite the party sharing many views and policies with parties that are described as far-right elsewhere. Here’s the full story.

Words Losing Meaning

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Arguably, since Donald Trump’s election campaign in 2016, one of the things that has evolved since he was catapulted onto the world stage as a political figure rather than a reality TV host was his ability to make words change their meaning. 

“Fake News”

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After all, “Fake news” is a phrase that should not be synonymous, as something is either news, or it is false.

The Virus Spreads

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However, like a virus, this has spread out into the politics of the wider world, infecting countless countries and the political parties within them. 

Fracturing Discourse

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The lack of a shared consciousness and the inability to understand the world have been some of the leading causes of the fracturing of political discourse worldwide. 

Opposite Meanings

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What some call “asylum seekers,” others call “economic migrants”. What some call “war,” others call a “special military operation.” What some call “structural inequality,” others call “the free hand of the market.”

Removing Meaning

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It should be no surprise that in George Orwell’s 1984, the primary task of the authoritarian government in charge of the decimated Airstrip One was to remove any meaning from words. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. 


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With this in mind, a troubling piece of news has emerged from the quagmire that is British politics: The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been forced to apologize after referring to the Reform UK party as “far-right” in a news report.

BBC Apologizes

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The BBC later apologized after Reform UK found itself labelled during coverage of the Liberal Democrats’ spring conference.

Editorial Standards

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The Corporation acknowledged the statement, which would be evident to anyone with the slightest understanding of politics, saying it deviated from its usual editorial standards.

Journalistic Integrity

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The BBC promptly removed the contentious sentence from the article in question, stating that the wording failed to live up to its standards of journalistic integrity.

Reform UK

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Reform UK, the political successor to the Brexit party, is a party with, what some might view, as unashamed far-right views. 

Immigration Opposition

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Their vociferous opposition to immigration, their climate denialism or their position on any number of culture war topics marks them as further to the right than most. 

“Common-Sense Policies”

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They describe themselves as a “national political party offering common-sense policies on immigration, the cost of living and national sovereignty.” 

Islamophobic and Racist

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However, this self-description does not sit well with reality. Reform UK’s newest MP, Lee Anderson, was cast off from the Conservatives after making remarks about London Mayor Sadiq Khan that were interpreted as Islamophobic and racist. 

Murky Waters

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This was not Anderson’s first foray into the murky waters of far-right rhetoric, previously calling for a return of the death penalty, challenging a Brexit critic to a fistfight, or suggesting that problem tenants should be forced to live in tents and pick potatoes. 

What Is?

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If offering to fight political opponents, advocating for collective punishment for a supposed underclass or advocating for state-sanctioned murder isn’t far right, the question must be asked: what is?

“Significant Implications”

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Richard Tice, the placeholder leader of Reform UK until Nigel Farage’s widely expected return, was quick to condemn the BBC’s accurate labelling of his party, stating, “There are very significant implications of calling a political party and by implication, it’s leader and senior leadership team far right. It is that which is defamatory and libellous. That is why they have apologized immediately.”

Identity and Democracy

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When the party was known as the Brexit Party and led by Nigel Farage, they talked with the far-right group of the European Parliament, Identity and Democracy, about joining. 

Interrupted Plans

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However, Brexit interrupted their plans, and the rump of the Brexit party has transformed into Reform UK, a new name but with most of the same beliefs.

Serious Challenges

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Reform UK has faced serious challenges in byelections, but has managed to eat into Conservative support in polling for the upcoming election. 

14% Polling

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With YouGov placing Reform at 14% in a recent poll, the party is slowly increasing its vote share, albeit trailing behind its political predecessors, the Brexit party and UKIP.

Potential Return

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Speculation looms over Nigel Farage’s potential return to the forefront of leadership. He is the founder and honorary president of Reform UK. 

Polling Boost

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Polling suggests that should Farage return to the party, they would see a significant polling boost, showing the enduring influence the far-right Farage has on the Reform UK party and their voters.

Through the Looking Glass

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The BBC’s apology for labelling Reform UK a far-right party shows that British politics, often thought to be far above that of our transatlantic cousins, is through the looking glass.

Twisting Words

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As the election draws nearer, words will be twisted, and facts will be massaged to present political parties in the best light possible. 

Some Things Are True

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However, some things cannot be spun. Some things are true. For those of us who value honest discussion and political debate, these things must remain sacrosanct. 

Who’s Right?

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Many may argue that Reform UK is a far-right party. Its views may be viewed as far-right, and its voters may sit further to the right than most. If neither they nor the people who vote for them like the label, perhaps they should ask themselves why. 

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