Brexit Trap: 18 Reasons Free Movement in Europe Makes Total Sense

The end of free movement between the UK and the EU has stirred plenty of debate. If you’re pining for the days of hopping from London to Lisbon without a hitch, here are 18 compelling reasons why reinstating free movement could benefit everyone involved.

1. Economic Growth

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Free movement encourages a dynamic workforce, boosting the economy by filling skill shortages and increasing consumer spending.

2. Cultural Exchange

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It fosters a rich cultural exchange, enhancing mutual understanding and strengthening relationships between nations.

3. Education Opportunities

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Students can study across Europe, gaining international experience and skills that are attractive to employers worldwide.

4. Medical Benefits

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Patients can receive treatment in any EU country, benefiting from expertise and treatments that may not be available in their home country.

5. Emergency Assistance

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Free movement allows for quicker and more coordinated responses to emergencies, from healthcare crises to natural disasters.

6. Family Reunification

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It makes it easier for families spread across different countries to visit each other without bureaucratic hurdles.

7. Retirement Benefits

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Retirees can live out their days in any EU country, enjoying different cultures and climates without residency complications.

8. Lower Living Costs

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People can move to where the cost of living is cheaper, helping to balance economic disparities across the EU.

9. Increased Tourism

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Easier travel leads to more tourism, which boosts local economies and creates jobs.

10. Business Expansion

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Companies can easily transfer employees between branches, encouraging expansion and innovation.

11. Research Collaboration

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Scientists and researchers can collaborate more easily, pooling resources and knowledge to accelerate innovation.

12. Enhanced Security

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Shared information and closer cooperation lead to better security and more effective crime prevention.

13. Job Opportunities

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Workers have access to a broader job market; they can pursue careers that best match their skills and aspirations.

14. Political Stability

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Free movement helps to stabilize the political landscape of Europe by promoting interconnectedness and cooperation.

15. Support for Aging Populations

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Younger workers can move to countries with aging populations, helping to support pension systems and care services.

16. Entrepreneurial Boost

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Entrepreneurs can easily start businesses in new markets, driving innovation and economic vitality.

17. Environmental Benefits

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Collaborative environmental projects can operate more smoothly with easier cross-border cooperation.

18. Strengthened Unity

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It embodies the principle of unity, crucial for the long-term political and social health of the European continent.


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Reinstating free movement isn’t just about easing travel; it’s about reinvigorating the European spirit of unity, cooperation, and mutual benefit. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the reasons to embrace open borders within Europe only grow stronger. Could this be the path forward to a more integrated and prosperous Europe?

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