Tories in Turmoil as Sunak Under Pressure to Return £10 Million Donation

Amidst mounting controversy, Rishi Sunak is facing increasing pressure from within the Conservative party to return a £10 million donation following the donor’s controversial remarks. Here’s the full story. Political Hot Water Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has found himself in considerable political hot water as pressure mounts from within the Conservative Party for him to … Read more

The Poverty Trap Is Deeper Than Ever Before, According to Study

As the UK’s poverty crisis deepens, escaping hardship is more challenging than ever, as political inertia prolongs the struggle, warns a new report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Here’s the whole story. The Poverty Trap There was another deeply depressing disclosure from the UK this week, as the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) has sounded the … Read more

‘Completely Unacceptable’ – Report Fiercely Criticizes Government for Sewage and Flooding

A report has revealed the government’s failure to effectively manage water in the UK, resulting in increased pollution, flooding and even dumping more raw sewage than legally allowed. Delayed “Sponge Cities” Conservative ministers’ failure to implement important rules for “sponge cities” over the past decade has had a significant impact on water management in the … Read more

No Lessons Learned: £6.8 Billion Government Contracts to Fujitsu Despite Post Office Failures

It has been revealed that Fujitsu, who developed the system that led to hundreds of subpostmasters being falsely accused of fraud, still makes billions of pounds worth of profit from government contracts. Now MP’s are fighting for change. Government Contracts Under Scrutiny Members of Parliament are pushing for the exclusion of Fujitsu from any future … Read more

Forgiven: PM Accepts Doner’s Apology for Making Racist and Violent Comments Towards Diane Abbott

The Prime Minister’s response to a racist and violent rant from one of its donors towards Diane Abbott has revealed that he accepts his apology, despite the sinister comments made. Response from Rishi Sunak Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has spoken out against comments made by a Tory donor about Labour’s Diane Abbott, labelling them as … Read more

Islamophobia Row: Victims Condemn ‘Irresponsible’ Tory Rhetoric for Inciting Hate

After multiple allegations of Islamophobia have hit the Tory Party in recent weeks, victims of “Islamist-Inspired” terror attacks have condemned the Conservatives for their “Irresponsible” rhetoric. Rebecca Rigby Urges Unity Wife of Lee Rigby, the British soldier who was murdered on the streets of London by terrorists in 2013, has urged the UK government to … Read more

‘Absurd’ Muslim War Memorial Plans Defended by Chancellor Hunt

In the budget, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced a £1 million war memorial would be built purely for Muslim soldiers, causing criticism from commentators who called the memorial “absolutely absurd.”  Muslim Memorial Initiative Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, while announcing the highly-anticipated budget, unveiled plans for a new £1 million war memorial dedicated to the Muslims who fought … Read more

“Absurd and Dangerous” – Truss Proposes Banning Biological Males From Women’s Sport and Spaces

Liz Truss has proposed legislation aimed at banning biological males from women’s spaces and sports, sparking debates over gender identity and child welfare. Here’s the full story. Guess Who’s Back? Former Prime Minister Liz Truss has been enjoying a renaissance recently following a trip to CPAC in the United States. There, her libertarian ideals were … Read more

Misogynist Influencer Andrew Tate Detained in Romania

British-American influencers Andrew and Tristan Tate face legal turmoil as they are arrested in Romania on charges including ‘sexual aggression.’ Here’s the full story.  Self-Described “Misogynist” Infamous internet right-wing grifter, toxic masculinity influencer, and self-described “misogynist” Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate have had a rapid rise and fall in the world of internet … Read more