Patrick Harvie Slams Hate Crime Law Critics as ‘Performative Nonsense’, Fuels Fire in Scottish Culture War

Scottish Green Party co-leader and minister Patrick Harvie denounces opposition to hate crime laws as ‘performative nonsense,’ emphasizing the real-world consequences and the need to protect marginalized communities. Here’s the full story.

Hate Crime and Public Order

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In the recent uproar surrounding hate crime legislation in Scotland, c, co-leader of the Scottish Green Party and a minister in Holyrood, has spoken out against critics of the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act. 

Heightened Scrutiny

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Harvie’s remarks come amidst heightened scrutiny of the legislation, with notable figures such as JK Rowling expressing her staunch opposition to the new bill.

Freedom of Expression

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Critics, including JK Rowling, have voiced concerns over the Hate Crime and Public Order Act, particularly regarding its implications for freedom of expression. 

Unwarranted Protections

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Rowling is a staunch advocate of the gender critical movement, and has spoken out against the bill for what she sees as unwarranted protections guaranteed to transgender individuals in the law. 

Called Out

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In a long rant on X, formerly Twitter, Rowling called out a number of sex offenders who have transitioned in order to be placed in women’s prisons, as well as a few transgender rights activists who she has had feuds with in the past. 

Arrest Me If You Dare

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Rowling then effectively called the bluff of the Scottish Government, daring them to arrest her for her breach of the new laws. 

“Performative Nonsense”

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Patrick Harvie condemned the criticism as “performative nonsense” aimed at undermining the legislation and perpetuating a divisive culture war agenda. 

“Real World Consequences”

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Harvie stated, “If it was just a game they were playing it would be shallow and silly and trivial, but it has real world consequences.”

Consolidate and Expand Existing Laws

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The Hate Crime and Public Order Act aims to consolidate and expand existing laws by providing protections against hate crimes based on various characteristics, including race, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, and transgender identity. 

“Going to be Criminalized”

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Harvie called out opponents of the new bill, claiming that their plan was to “deliberately try to pretend every expression of prejudice or just nastiness or anything offensive or hurtful is going to be criminalized.”

“Arrest Me, Arrest Me”

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He continued, “As soon as the Act comes into force they start performatively coming out with these prejudiced, hurtful statements and saying ‘arrest me, arrest me’ in this petulant manner. Then when they don’t get arrested they try to claim some hollow victory.”

Promoting Misinformation

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Harvie also accused opponents of the legislation of deliberately promoting misinformation to stoke fears about its impact on free speech. 

“Real Threat of Abuse”

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He stressed that the uproar over the introduction of the bill only “emboldens those in our society who genuinely do pose a real threat of abuse and violence against marginalized groups in our society.”

“Not a Safe Place To Be”

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In a speech before the opening of the Scottish Green party conference, Harvie drew on his own experiences of homophobia throughout his life, stating that “growing up queer in the west of Scotland in the 1980s was not a safe place to be.”

“Deliberately Cultivated Culture War”

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He also added that the general furor over the Hate Crime bill was part of a “very deliberately cultivated culture war in politics.”

Protecting Vulnerable Communities

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Despite the ongoing criticism, Harvie defended the Hate Crime and Public Order Act as a necessary measure to address systemic discrimination and protect vulnerable communities. 

“Stirring Up Hatred”

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He stated, “They know very clearly for the most part this is about bringing together and consolidating existing laws, and taking  a concept like stirring up hatred, which has been on the books for 40 years in relation to racial hatred, and simply applying the same principle to other vulnerable and marginalized groups.”

High Threshold

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He continued, “This is very clearly legislation that is well familiar in our system and the threshold for prosecution is high, and rightly so.”

Patrick Harvie’s remarks have added to the ongoing debate surrounding hate crime legislation in Scotland, an issue that has unexpectedly become a touchstone for wider political disputes over self expression and freedom of speech. 

Potential Overreach

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Despite the concerns over the bill’s potential overreach, Harvie has argued that the current debate is being used by bad actors as a way to push the limits of what they can say, in order to test the limits of the law. 

No Winners

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While famous and powerful people like JK Rowling will be better protected than regular citizens, the current argument risks taking a well intentioned, if vaguely worded, piece of legislation and making it yet another argument in the ongoing culture war, a war in which there are no winners, and the rest of us can only lose. 

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