Sir Alan Duncan Warns Tory Infighting Could Obliterate Conservative Party for Generations

Former minister Sir Alan Duncan issues a stark warning, cautioning that Tory right-wingers’ infighting risks destroying the Conservative Party for ‘more than a generation,’ amidst bleak electoral prospects and controversies over immigration policy and adherence to the European Convention on Human Rights. Here’s the full story.

Conservative Meltdown

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The Conservative party’s meltdown ahead of the upcoming election continues apace, with fresh rumours swirling around plots to replace Prime Minister Rishi Sunak potentially.

Panic Stations

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The panic in the party has reached such unprecedented heights that former minister Sir Alan Duncan has stepped forward to issue a stark warning about the Conservative Party’s future, cautioning that the ongoing infighting among the party’s many factions, but particularly the more right-wing MPs, could have devastating consequences. 

“Silly People on the Hard Right”

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Speaking on LBC Radio, Duncan was remarkably frank, stating, “All these very silly people on the hard right who think that ‘only if we went further to the Right everything would be OK’ are absolutely crazy.

“The Turmoil, The Division, The Factionalism”

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He continued, “The fact is the turmoil, the division, the factionalism has made the Conservative government in the eyes of so many people completely unworthy of government.”

Grim Picture

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Recent polling data paints a grim picture for the Conservatives, suggesting they could suffer heavy losses in local and general elections. 

Tory Wipeout

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The latest YouGov poll indicates a potential outcome in which Labour secures a commanding majority in the Commons, leaving the Conservatives with a mere 155 seats—a wipeout not seen for almost a generation.

Prominent Losses

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Notably, prominent Tory figures, including Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and Brexiteer Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, could face defeat in their constituencies.

Dwindling Support

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak grapples with dwindling support amidst controversies surrounding his policy agenda. 

Speculation Continues

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Speculation looms over potential attempts to oust him as Prime Minister, particularly in the aftermath of the anticipated devastating losses in the general election, widely expected in the autumn. 

“Knuckle Under”

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Sir Duncan called for unity within the party, stating, “People need to knuckle under, support Rishi Sunak but frankly he is really up against it now.”

“Destroy it for More Than a Generation”

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He continued, “These people who continue to fight within the Conservative Party, the likes of Robert Jenrick and Suella Braverman, and people like that are quite simply going to destroy it for more than a generation.”

Internal Criticism

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Amidst a barrage of internal criticism and mounting pressure, Rishi Sunak has prioritized immigration control over adherence to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). 

Leaving the ECHR?

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His remarks have stirred debate within Westminster, with some interpreting them as a veiled endorsement of departing from the ECHR to implement stringent immigration measures, notably the controversial Rwanda policy. 

Criticism From Across the Board

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In a rare showing of unity, this stance has drawn criticism from opposition figures and moderate Tory MPs alike, who caution against sacrificing international obligations for political expediency.

Immigration and Human Rights

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Sunak’s maneuvering on immigration and human rights issues reflects the delicate balance he is trying to maintain within the Conservative Party. 

Appeasing the Right Wing

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While attempting to appease right-wing factions, he risks alienating more moderate voices and exacerbating already near-terminal internal rifts. 

Governmental Pandering

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Opposition figures have seized upon Sunak’s statements as evidence of governmental pandering to internal party pressures at the expense of national interests. 

“Another Desperate Attempt”

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Labour’s shadow immigration minister Stephen Kinnock has denounced the Prime Minister’s rhetoric, stating, “This is just another desperate attempt by the Prime Minister to appease factions in his party and stave off an attack from right-wing Tory MPs.

Coming Second

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He continued, “Yet again the interests of the country come second.”

Empty Threats

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Similarly, Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Alistair Carmichael dismissed Sunak’s assertions as “nothing more than an empty threat to try to keep his mutinous MPs on side.”

Shifting Landscape

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The YouGov poll highlights the Conservative Party’s electoral woes and the shifting landscape of British politics. 

Electoral Setbacks

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While the Tories grapple with ongoing internal strife and electoral setbacks, emerging forces like the Reform Party under Richard Tice are gaining traction – eating into the Conservative vote. 

Modest Gains

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The Liberal Democrats, meanwhile, anticipate modest gains, signaling a potential resurgence in their parliamentary fortunes.

Battleground Scotland

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Regional variations further complicate the electoral outlook, with Scotland emerging as a battleground for political domination. 

Challenging SNP Dominance

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Labour’s projected gains in Scottish constituencies could challenge the SNP’s long-standing dominance, signaling a potential realignment of political forces north of the border. 

Whatever the election results turn out to be, it seems that one thing is true: the Conservative Party finds itself at a crossroads.

Cracks Begin to Show

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The UK’s long-standing party of government is grappling with internal discord, electoral setbacks, and contentious policy debates. 

Fractured Party

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As the specter of electoral defeat looms, Rishi Sunak’s ability to hold a fractured party together will be challenged like never before as political rivals sharpen their knives to replace him should he fail. 

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