Starmer’s Top Picks: Who’s Leading the Labour Government?

Who has Keir Starmer appointed to the top positions in Labour’s new cabinet, and what might these appointments mean for the country? Here’s the full story.

Starmer’s New Cabinet

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Newly elected Prime Minister Keir Starmer has appointed his new cabinet following his party’s landslide victory. He has chosen a mix of experienced politicians and rising stars to be in his cabinet, with many retaining the roles they held in the shadow cabinet. So, who has been picked for the top job?

Reeves as Chancellor

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First, Starmer appointed Rachel Reeves as Chancellor of the Exchequer, marking the first time a woman has held the position in its 708-year history. Reeves, a former economist at the Bank of England, has restored economic credibility to the Labour Party. Her appointment is a significant step toward gender equality in British politics.

Rayner’s Personal Connection

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Angela Rayner, a long-time ally of Keir Starmer and Deputy Prime Minister, has been appointed Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities. Rayner, who was raised on a council estate and became a mother at 16, has a personal connection to the policies she will now oversee.

Advocate for Social Justice

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Her journey from care worker to trade union leader has made her an outspoken advocate for social justice. She has vowed to ensure that “every community in the UK gets the support it needs to thrive.”

Lammy as Foreign Secretary

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David Lammy, a veteran MP and advocate for social justice, continues as Foreign Secretary, a role he has used to champion human rights and equality on the global stage. Lammy’s extensive experience, including his time as Minister for Higher Education and Culture, positions him well to navigate the complexities of international relations.

Ensuring US Relations

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Notably, Lammy has made several recent trips to the US to speak to Democrats and Republicans, ensuring that Starmer will have good relations with whoever wins the upcoming US elections.

Streeting Prioritizes NHS

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Wes Streeting remains Health Secretary, having survived a close election in his East London constituency. Streeting has pledged to prioritise the National Health Service (NHS) and ensure it receives the funding it needs to provide high-quality care, arguing, “Our NHS is the backbone of our society, and I am committed to protecting and enhancing it for future generations.”

Mahmood as Justice Secretary

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Shabana Mahmood, who narrowly retained her seat in Birmingham Ladywood, has been appointed Justice Secretary. Mahmood, the first female Muslim MP in the House of Commons, has been an outspoken advocate for human rights and justice.

Nandy Promoted

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Lisa Nandy has been promoted to Culture Secretary. Her return to the cabinet highlights Labour’s focus on promoting cultural development and supporting the arts sector, which many argued was ignored under the Conservative government. Nandy, who has represented Wigan since 2010, has a strong track record of advocating for local communities and cultural initiatives.

Cooper’s Extensive Experience

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Yvette Cooper, a seasoned politician with extensive experience in various ministerial roles, continues as Home Secretary. Cooper’s appointment reflects her deep understanding of domestic policies and commitment to addressing issues such as crime and immigration.

Miliband Tackles Climate Crisis

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The former Labour leader Ed Miliband has been appointed Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero. Miliband’s role has been widely viewed as indicative of Starmer’s commitment to addressing climate change and promoting sustainable energy policies.

Haigh Youngest Cabinet Minister

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At just 36, Louise Haigh becomes the youngest cabinet minister of the modern era as Transport Secretary. Haigh’s appointment reflects Labour’s focus on investing in infrastructure and improving public transportation systems.

Phillipson on Education

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Bridget Phillipson, another young leader, continues as Education Secretary. She has been an advocate for expanding educational opportunities and addressing inequalities in the education system.

Commitment to UK Unity

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Jo Stevens, the new Secretary of State for Wales, brings a solid unionist perspective and a commitment to maintaining the UK’s unity. Stevens, who resigned from Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet over the Brexit issue, has a reputation for moral leadership and dedication to public service.

Benn Appointed

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Hilary Benn, appointed as Northern Ireland Secretary, brings extensive experience in international development and a deep understanding of Northern Ireland’s challenges. His appointment has been greeted with sighs of relief from Northern Ireland due to his longstanding commitment to maintaining peace and stability in the region.

Challenges Ahead

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As Keir Starmer’s new cabinet, which includes a mix of seasoned politicians and fresh faces, takes shape, he has promised it is “ready to get to work and deliver on the promises we made to the British people.”

Uncertain Future

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However, facing an ongoing cost of living crisis, the impending climate catastrophe and public services stretched to breaking point, whether they will ultimately be up to the task remains to be seen.

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