Election Wipeout: Who’s Left to Lead the Tories After Sunak?

After a crushing election defeat, the Conservative Party is in chaos as they search for a new leader to replace Rishi Sunak – but who’s left to steer the sinking ship? Here’s the full story.

A Party in Turmoil

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The Conservative Party, once the dominant party in British politics, suffered a historic defeat in the recent general election. This defeat left the party in turmoil as it struggles to find new direction and leadership.

Sunak’s Pledge

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Former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has pledged to remain in his position until a new leader is found for his party, leading to intense speculation over who might replace him, with some contenders already making political manoeuvres to be the one to guide the Conservatives out of the wreckage.

Many Contenders Gone

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However, many previous ministers and favourites to lead the party have lost their seats, so who is left to take over?

Kemi Badenoch Rising

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Among the potential contenders for the leadership is Kemi Badenoch, the former Business Secretary and Conservative culture warrior extraordinaire. Badenoch has been a rising star within the Conservative ranks and is much loved by the party’s right-wing members.

Badenoch’s Impressive Finish

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Badenoch’s previous attempt at leadership saw her finishing fourth, an impressive feat for someone relatively unknown at the time. Her popularity has only grown since then, mainly due to her outspoken positions on issues like trans rights and identity politics.

Braverman’s Controversial Appeal

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Similarly beloved by the party’s right, disgraced former Home Secretary Suella Braverman has not ruled out a leadership bid. Known for her hardline views on immigration and law enforcement, Braverman was dismissed as Home Secretary after calling for police to crack down harder on left-wing and pro-Palestine protesters.

Harsh Rhetoric

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She has kept in the public eye with several controversial articles, such as one where she claimed that Islamists were in charge of the UK, which is indicative of the harsh rhetoric she employs, which makes her such a favourite with right-wing Conservatives.

Cleverly’s Unifying Potential

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Some see James Cleverly, the former Foreign and Home Secretary, as a potential unifying candidate. Cleverly’s extensive experience in various cabinet roles and his moderate stance make him a plausible choice for those looking to bridge the party’s internal divides.

LGBT Controversy

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Cleverly faced backlash for comments perceived as insensitive, such as telling LGBT football fans during the Qatar World Cup to be respectful of the host country’s laws, which ban “homosexual acts” under threat of arrest. However, his ability to maintain a steady hand in turbulent times could make him a compelling choice for party members seeking stability and continuity.

Patel’s Loyal Support

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Priti Patel, a prominent figure from the Conservative Party’s right-wing, is also considered a potential candidate whose loyal support for Boris Johnson endeared her to many in the party. In her previous roles, including Home Secretary and International Development Secretary, Patel was known for being tough on immigration and supporting traditional Conservative values.

Controversial History

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Despite controversies, including allegations of bullying, which she has denied and accusations of corruption, which saw her fired from her position as International Development Secretary after she conducted off-the-book meetings with Israeli ministers and business people, Patel’s no-nonsense approach and commitment to Conservative principles make her a significant contender.

Tugendhat’s Centrist Appeal

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Tom Tugendhat, a former Army officer and the outgoing Security Minister, represents the party’s centrist wing. Tugendhat’s military background and critical stance on issues like the NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan have given him a reputation for integrity and forthrightness.

Tugendhat’s Early Exit

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Tugendhat’s previous leadership bid saw him exiting the race early, but his appeal to moderate and One Nation Conservatives remains strong. His centrist views may not align with the party’s right wing, but his emphasis on unity and renewal could resonate with a broader base of members seeking a balanced approach.

Atkins as a Rising Star

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Victoria Atkins, the former Health Secretary, is another potential candidate. Although relatively new to the party’s higher echelons, Atkins has been discussed as a possible leader from the moderate wing.

Recent Cabinet Experience

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Her recent tenure in cabinet and the retention of her seat despite a reduced majority have marked her as a rising star.

Jenrick’s Strong Views

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Robert Jenrick, the former Immigration Minister, has also emerged as a possible contender. Known for his strong views on immigration and resignation over disagreements with Sunak’s Rwanda deportation scheme, which he claimed didn’t go far enough, Jenrick represents the party’s more right-wing elements.

Jenrick’s Controversies

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His previous controversies, including his involvement in a planning scandal, may hinder his chances, but his steadfast positions resonate with many Conservative members.

Leadership Battle Ahead

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The selection of a new leader is expected to take place in the coming months, and there will likely be much bloodletting as the many factions within the Conservative Party vie for power. However, whether any of the remaining Conservative MPs is up to the task of rebuilding the electorate’s trust in the party while also addressing its internal divisions remains to be seen.

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